100+ Free Salary Surveys and Resources From Around the World in 2010

100+ Free Salary Resources From Around the World in 2010

All the free salary surveys and other salary information you'll need in 2010.

Unemployed lawyer salary demands

Update: There's a newer version of this list: Where to Research Job Market Salaries in 2016


How to use this list

  • The list only includes sites that are credible or that explain where their numbers come from.
  • Compare results across multiple sites for best results. Salaries are always changing and many of these sites are based on employee-submitted information.
  • If you know of any other 2010 salary resources that aren't in the list, please suggest them in the comments below.

What's in this list?

  • Salary surveys – created by surveying readers about their salaries.
  • Salary databases – readers contribute information about their jobs, sometimes in exchange for access to the rest of the database.
  • Salary reports – a salary report can be written from a company's own data or compiled from a combination of salary surveys, government statistics, company disclosures, etc.
  • Salary or wage search – search on a profession and the results will show typical earnings.
  • Salary calculators or checkers, wage/worth estimators – you fill out a form of questions about your profession and the calculated result is an estimate of the salary you should be earning. If you're employed, this a good way to judge how fair your pay is.

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2010 Global Directory of Salary Surveys

Click your flag to jump to the links for your country:

Flag of Australia Flag of Canada Flag of India Flag of Ireland Flag of Israel Flag of Philippines Flag of Singapore Flag of South Africa Flag of United Kingdom Flag of United States Globe(International)

If your country isn't among these flags, check the other resources in the International section at the end.

Flag of AustraliaAustralia

  1. ARN Salary Calculator – professional and academic jobs
  2. LiveSalary – “a free community-based website where people exchange salary data”
  3. Robert Half Salary Guides – free but requires giving contact information.
  4. 2010 IT Skills & Salary Report – requires free signup
  5. 2010 SEO/SEM Salary Survey Australia & New Zealand

Flag of CanadaCanada

  1. Wowjobs.ca's Canada Salary Search – lets you search on specific keywords, and even compare among different job titles.
  2. Yahoo! HotJobs Salary – they actually use PayScale.com for information, but Yahoo's interface is nicer.
  3. SalaryExpert Salary Search
  4. APEGS 2010 Salary Survey (pdf) – engineers and geoscientists (in Saskatchewan)
  5. IAB Canada’s 2010 Interactive Advertising Salary Guide (xls)

Flag of IndiaIndia

  1. TDS on Salary Calculator 2010 (xls) – for lawyers, requires free signup.
  2. India FRESHERS – IT/Software Salary Survey
  3. SalaryMap – all kinds of industries
  4. Paycheck.in – general purpose for private sector, public sector and not-for-profit.
  5. Google groups India Salary Trends – general, uses information from Payscale.com (see below)

Flag of IrelandIreland

  1. Salesjobs.ie's 2010 Salary Survey Guide – sales, business development, account management
  2. Accounting Technician Salary Guide 2010 – financial positions such as accountants, finance & payroll managers, etc.
  3. Irishjobs.ie Salary Surveys
  4. CPL Salary Guide 2010 (pdf)
  5. Hudson 2010 Ireland Salary Guide (pdf)
  6. Brightwater Salary Survey 2010 (pdf)
  7. Sigmar Salary Survey 2010 (pdf)

Flag of Israel Israel

  1. Computer Jobs in Israel 2010 Salary Survey
  2. CPS's Hitech Salary Surveys (Hebrew)
  3. Nisha Group's Salary Table (Hebrew) – hitech, cleantech, finance, executive and more
  4. Check Compare (Hebrew) – “the people's salary survey”, where anyone can share their salary. Mostly hitech.
  5. Dialog Hitech Salary Survey (Hebrew)
  6. Maskorot (Hebrew)
  7. Jobinfo (Hebrew)
  8. Ethosia (Hebrew) – focused on hitech, but lists many non-hitech jobs in that industry, such as marketing and finance

Flag of the Philippines Philippines

  1. JobStreet Salary Report – numbers for many professions.
  2. Salary, Salaries and Wages in the Philippines
  3. Careerjet.ph – job listings with specified salaries

Flag of SingaporeSingapore

  1. Salary.sg – Your Salary in Singapore – a blog about salaries & income in Singapore where you can search for results by position
  2. 2010 Hudson Salary Information 2010 – pdf downloads for different industries
  3. Ministry of Manpower Wage Search
  4. Ambition Market Trends & Salary Reports – Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Banking & Executives (covers Hong Kong too)
  5. The 2010 Hays Salary Survey & Guide – PDF salary guides for 17 industries & professions in Singapore
  6. Michael Page International's Singapore 2010 Salary & Employment Forecast (pdf)
  7. Kelly Services Singapore Employment Outlook & Salary Guide 2009/2010 (pdf)

Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa

  1. EDM Recruitment Salary Survey Results for 2010 – engineers
  2. Mba.co.za Salary Survey – MBAs
  3. Ad Talent Salary Survey 2010
  4. EDM Recruitmernt Salary Survey Results for 2010
  5. Accountants On Call Salary Survey Accounting & Finance 2010 (pdf)

Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom

  1. Paywizard.co.uk – will tell you what other people are earning for doing your job
  2. Reed.co.uk’s Salary Calculator – a salary search engine, you can search by position and location
  3. Jobs.ac.uk Salary Checker – check the salary of a specific type of job
  4. ITJobsWatch tracking system – track salary trends per position
  5. CWJobs’ Salary Checker
  6. Michael Page International Salary Surveys
  7. MSN Money UK’s Salary Centre – salary information by industry, easy to read
  8. Workhound.co.uk Salary Tracker – salary search engine, nice interface
  9. MajorPlayers.co.uk Salary Survey 2010 – content & editorial, creative & design, marketing, PR, and many others
  10. Reed HR Salary Survey 2010 (pdf)

Flag of United StatesUnited States

  1. AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2010
  2. AACSB International US Salary Survey Report (pdf) – deans, professors, other academic positions by faculty
  3. Glassdoor – salary details about specific jobs for specific employers or company
  4. ComputerJobs.com Salary Ticker – programmers, developers, etc.
  5. Salary.com Salary Checker
  6. Indeed.com Salary Search
  7. SalaryExpert Salary Search
  8. Jobnob Salary Search – find salaries by position at specific companies
  9. Job Search Intelligence Salary Calculator
  10. Global Knowledge 2010 IT Skills and Salary Report (pdf) – requires free signup


  1. PayScale – salary information for 94 countries
  2. GISjobs Salary Survey – salary information from GIS professionals around the world
  3. Internet Engineering Center – Salary Survey for engineers in the USA, India, UAE, Canada, Malaysia, UK, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Qatar, Egypt, Italy, South Africa, Philippines, Nigeria, Kuwait, France and Japan
  4. 2010 Hays Salary Guide for Asia (pdf) – covers Singapore, Japan, China and Hong Kong
  5. SalaryExpert (international version) – only one position at a time can be checked.
  6. Robert Walters 2010 Salary Surveys – pdf downloads for Australia, Belgium, China, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States
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Jasmine A. says

Any advice for finding international compensation information for legal support positions in particular (i.e. paralegal, legal secretary, legal assistant)? A lot of these reports neglect to include these positions. Thanks!

Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Jasmine- use SalaryExpert from the International section above.

Just be careful of the currency being used in the results. When I tried a search on ‘paralegal’ in the UK, the numbers at the top are in US$ but at the extreme bottom of the page it says in red ‘Currency in British Pounds’.

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Arthi Singh says


I am trying to locate salary & pay rates as well as the general salry increase rate in the Durban area for the following professions:

Financial Manager
Human Resource Manager
General Manager
Mechanical Engineers
Production Engineer
Shipping Clerk
Lab Technicians
Total Quality Manager
Warehouse Controller
Assistant to Maintenance Engineer

Can someone who know where I could find this information, please contact me on 031-7821061 or 0731979222.

Kind regards

Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Arthi- see what I said to Jasmine here above, it will also work for you

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kanchan says

i am doing online job please contect mo chhabra.kanchan14@yahoo.com

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