Following your Israeli job listings by email or rss subscriptions? Here are some changes for you.

Rss and Mailing List Updates - Evil lemon

New to the Ultimate List of Mailing Lists

Avoid Jobnews mailing list

Moti of contacted me about his site. At first glance, it appears to be a free alternative to AllJobs. I signed up for their newsletter and waited.

I'm still waiting. Since the subscription confirmation email, no other messages have arrived from Jobnews in over 2 months.

However, I have begun receiving spam from another site, the resume writing service of After looking around both sites and Googling them, I became suspicious of a connection and emailed Moti about them.

Until he or someone else over there replies with a credible explanation, has been added to the mailing lists to avoid.

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New to the Ultimate RSS Feed Collection

Avoid Jobnews rss feed too

Incidentally, also has an rss feed of recent additions to their database. Added to the Ultimate RSS Feed Collection after I discovered the feed, I've now removed it.

Although subscribing to an rss feed is less dangerous than email from a spam point of view, why would a company with shady email practices stop there?

The Jobnews rss feed leads to job listings with links for you to submit a contact email address and upload a resume. Who knows where your email address and resume will end up? I don't recommend using the site at all, but if you decide to do so anyway, at least use these resume posting tips.


Kehillaton is a global directory of Jewish-oriented websites. There are rss feeds for every country in the database.

The Kehillaton Israel jobs rss feed that I've added to our collection filters the job postings for you from Kehillaton's Israel-based listings.

The rss feed only shows recent postings, but Kehillaton also has a free search here so you can sort through their entire job listings database.

The removal of Jobnews and the addition of Kehillaton have also been made to the JobMob Bloglines account. Or you can just download and import the JobMob opml file to your feed reader to take into account the changes.

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  1. disapponted from jobnews

    i list myself to and start to get a lot of spams from job companys, i was very disappont that no email with job offering has become.

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