Looking for work is like being a salesman. Success is a result of your ability to sell your number 1 product – You –

to interested buyers


It's hard work, but

what if you could avoid it by having the buyers come looking for the product instead?

What if the jobs came to you?

Enter JobMobber Profiles, the next step in how you can help and get helped by the JobMob Community.

ProfileWhat are JobMobber Profiles?

The concept is very simple. When looking for work, every job seeker discovers job leads and openings that don't match their personal objective yet may be meaningful for other JobMobbers. Your JobMobber Profile will help you tap into those leads and openings.

Here's how it works. Write a few paragraphs about yourself and send them in via the Contact Us form. If all goes well, soon after, I will post your JobMobber Profile here on the blog for everyone to see. The JobMob Community can then respond with job leads and openings for you in the comments beneath the profile.

What to Include

Your submission needs to be in concise, simple language to avoid confusion as much as possible.

The text should detail your dream job, relevant background and the pertinent achievements you're most proud of. Links to related projects that you've worked on are also welcome if your contribution is easily recognizable.

Who are JobMobber Profiles for?

Everyone in the JobMob Community, “the first blog community in Israel for jobseekers and jobfinders“.

  • If you're a job seeker, your JobMobber Profile is your ticket into the hidden job market that the JobMob Community is aware of.
  • If you're a jobfinder, this is your chance more than ever to reach out and make a difference in someone's life.

Submission Criteria

You can submit a profile if you:

  • have been a JobMob email subscriber for at least 2 weeks prior to submission, or
  • have linked to this announcement post from your blog.

Doing both is even better 🙂

If you're a JobMob RSS subscriber and don't have a blog, subscribe now via email so that I can validate you're a community member. Otherwise, if you're brand new to JobMob, welcome! You should also Subscribe now via email and start preparing your profile.

In all cases, please use your JobMob subscription email address when you submit your profile via the Contact Us form.

The reasoning behind these criteria is that each profile will require some time of mine and the JobMob Community's and I'd like to avoid abuse as much as possible. Also, these criteria encourage more growth of the JobMob Community, which is one of the 2 keys to success below for this initiative.

2 Keys to Success

Your Participation – please watch out for the JobMobber Profiles and share any leads you've discovered. When you have no leads or tips for the latest JobMobber Profile, you should still speak up and say so in that profile's comments. Why? This is important because it shows the profiled JobMobber and everyone else that you made a sincere effort to help out and motivates them to do the same for you when your turn comes.

JobMob Community Growth – the more people read a JobMobber Profile, the greater the chance that of finding the one golden tip that will lead to the profiled JobMobber's next job. So…

Spread the Word

Tell your job seeking and jobfinding friends to join the JobMob Community, and get ready to submit your profile. Let's see what you can do for the JobMob Community and what the JobMob Community can do for you.

Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  3. Bari Elias

    Hi Jacob Share 🙂
    I do have a few questions that hopefully you and the other Jobmobbers can answer:

    1)I am planning to move back to Israel this summer (most likely in August). When should I start seriously looking for a job? Is it unrealistic to have a job in place before I arrive?
    (FYI, I am planning to be in Israel in March and possibly also the end of May/beginning of June.)

    2)Should I do my CV in English and in Hebrew?

    That’s all for now. I really like Jobmob–it has really helped me just to realize that there are jobs out there and makes the impending move back less “scary”, so kol hakavod!
    Hope everyone is well!
    Thanks again,

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  5. Jacob Share

    Hey Bari- thanks for the compliments and I’m really glad that JobMob is helping 🙂

    Those are all good questions and I’ll blog answers to them soon. In a nutshell though-

    1) In general, 1-2 months before; for most jobs, it’s unrealistic to have a job in place beforehand.
    2) Both is best, but that doesn’t mean an exact translation is needed. It depends on who the CV will be for.

    Again, more on those soon.

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  7. Bhupesh

    Dear jecob
    I am Bhupesh Khatri from india (51) I am 20 years experienced Graphic designer. now planned to go Israel on tourist Visa . how can I receive work permit ?
    Please help me or give me address for Recruitment company

    Bhupesh khatri

  8. Kate

    I’m looking for something from 9 to 12 every morning.

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