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The JobMob Guest Blogging Contest is approaching its final week for article submission and the US$100 prize is waiting to be won.

The Standings After 3 Weeks

Philip's Why I Decided Not to Look for a Job From Outside Israel completed its vote-getting run on August 5th with 30 unique viewers.

Also in Week 3, Ferdinand Reinke's Do You Create Value? entered the competition on August 6th and will continue trying to attract visitors until August 13th.

Where does that put us?

  1. Yehuda’s 3 Job Myths for Immigrant Lawyers in Israel: 81 unique visitors and 1 tie-breaking link.
  2. Joyce Babu’s How To Ace A Walk-in Panel Job Interview: 75 unique visitors and 2 tie-breaking links.
  3. Philip's Why I Decided Not to Look for a Job From Outside Israel: 30 unique visitors.
  4. Ferdinand Reinke's Do You Create Value?: 0 visitors so far.

More Writing Tips For You

In Week 2's contest update there was some helpful writing advice from the First Rules of Writing group project. As is customary with these projects once ended, here below is the complete list of bloggers' tips:

  1. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike
  2. Choose a suitable topic
  3. Write about what interests you
  4. Pick a subject that you’re passionate about
  5. Do it from the heart
  6. Never Google What You’re Going To Write About
  7. Know Your Audience
  8. Write for all time
  9. If You Don’t Feel Strongly About It, Don’t Write It
  10. Write how you talk
  11. Find your own voice
  12. The whole article should be great
  13. There is no one rule

Only 1 More Week…

As we enter what may be the contest's final week, the US$100 prize can still be won easily. If you follow the above tips and other suggestions mentioned on JobMob, you can write and promote your article into first place in only a few hours. As always, contact me with your submissions and ideas. The submission deadline is unchanged at Friday August 17, 2007.

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