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As the JobMob Guest Blogging Contest nears its midpoint, let's take a look and see who's closest to winning the US$100 prize.

The Top 3

Yehuda’s 3 Job Myths for Immigrant Lawyers in Israel finished its visitor-getting period on July 30th with 81 unique visitors and 1 tie-breaking link. This was just enough to put it into first place ahead of Week 1's leader, Joyce Babu’s How To Ace A Walk-in Panel Job Interview which had already received 75 unique visitors.

Week 2 saw a new entry, Philip's Why I Decided Not to Look for a Job From Outside Israel, which has gotten off to a slow start with only 3 unique viewers so far. “Why I Decided” has until midnight August 5th to move to the top of the contest standings.

My First Rule of Writing

If you're hesitating to email an article for the contest, perhaps my First Rule Of Writing will help you take the last step. Here it is:

Know your audience

Another way of saying it might be:

Know for whom you're writing or blogging

If I'm writing something that I hope you'll enjoy and remember, it's critical to know what kinds of things you like and dislike — what interests you or bores you — in order to understand what you'll read and what you won't even bother to open.

This advice is important for your job search too, and is the reason that you should adapt and personalize every CV that you send out.

Tips to Get You Started

Thanks to Isabella Mori, I found out that over on CleanCutBlog, Rory has begun a group writing project called “What Is Your FIRST Rule Of Writing?”. These writing project submissions provide useful tips to get your JobMob guest blog entry ready:

2 More Weeks To Go

I hope the above tips and links are inspiring. Remember, the submission deadline is holding still at August 17, 2007.

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  1. Simonne

    Jacob, I like your first rule. Actually all articles on the first rule of writing are interesting and usedul. I’m going to check out your contest, maybe I get a chance to win your prize 😉

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