This is the first JobMob contest, open to anyone that can write. I hope you enjoy it.

Prize To Be Won

US$100, to be paid in dollars or shekels at the exchange rate of the day it's awarded. If you live outside of Israel, you will need a Paypal account to receive the award.

The winner is the author of the post with the most unique visitors during the 7 days following the appearance of the post on JobMob (the day of posting will be considered as day 1 of 7), so you'll want to encourage people to come to the site during that week-long period. By all means, you can submit your guest posts to social networks to increase traffic but to be fair, I won't be doing so for any guest posts in the contest.

Ties will be broken by the post with the most trackbacks & pingbacks (combined), so you also have an interest in getting blogs to link to your guest post(s). If you're a blogger, linking to your own guest posts is fine and you might want to use the official contest logo here above when doing so.

How Does It Work?

  1. Get an idea for a guest post on JobMob.
  2. Send me your guest post from the Contact Us page or via email to jacob.share [@]
  3. If you've followed the rules below, I will put your guest post on JobMob as soon as I can. If you mention a specific date in your message to me, I can wait for it as long as it's during the contest timeframe.

That's it. Simple.

How Long is the Contest?

The contest begins with the first guest blog post, whenever that is.

Once the guest blogging begins, I will post a weekly recap but not more. This isn't going to be like the 2007 JIB Awards where I was bugging you to vote every other day, I promise.

The contest will end 1 month after it began. If there are many entries, I may extend the contest by an additional 2 weeks.

The winner will be announced one week after the contest ends. I will clarify all these dates once the opening blog post appears.


  • Must be original content. This is easy to check, thank you Google.
  • Must be in English.
  • I will only post your article if I think it's useful to the JobMob Community so check the Archives for examples. If you have an idea but aren't sure that it'll pass, please ask me before you spend any time writing about it. Also, take a look at the monthly top posts articles where I give some statistics regarding the kinds of posts that have done well on JobMob in the past.
  • The guest post must be complete and not an excerpt with a link to “continue reading on my blog”. That said, if you do have a blog you could link to it in a byline about yourself.
  • There's no minimum or maximum word length.
  • You can submit as many guest posts as you like.
  • Any images in a guest post must be royalty-free and used in accordance with their license.

Linking to an existing JobMob article would be great but isn't required.


  • Job seekers – write about your experience looking for work, in Israel or anywhere, or send in a JobMobber Profile.
  • Job finders – blog about tips that have worked for you in past job searches.
  • Recruiters – tell us why job seekers should come to you.
  • Companies – use this opportunity to attract job seekers.

Good luck!

Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  4. Joyce

    Forgive my ignorance, but how do I guest post in your blog? Should I sent you the article? I don’t see any signup link.

  5. Jacob Share

    You can send me your guest post via the Contact Us form below or via email. I updated the article to make it clearer, thanks for pointing that out.

  6. GnomeyNewt

    Interesting contest, I will try to write something up because it sounds fun.

  7. Jacob Share

    Juggling Frogs: thanks, the contest has been mentioned on the 2nd and 3rd sites so far. It was supposed to appear on the first site last week but hasn’t yet.

    GnomeyNewt: looking forward to it. There are still a few more weeks left.

  8. umesh

    I am looking for care give job

  9. Jacob Share

    Hey umesh, can you give us some more information? Where are you looking for a caregiver job, and what kind of experience do you have?

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