The best of the worst, you might say.

20 Funniest Job Search and Work FAIL Pictures

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Want Ad Fail

Want Ad Fail

Employment Office Fail

Want Ad Fail

Application Fail

Application Fail

Career Fail

Career Fail

Equal Opportunity Fail or Job Win?

Equal Opportunity Fail Or Job Win

Full English essential

Full English Essential

Hiring Fail

Hiring Fail

Rejection Fail

Job Application Fail

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Job Application in Kansas

Job Application In Kansas

Lazy Worker Fail

lazy worker fail

Lessons or Lesions Fail

Lessons Or Lesions

Employment Fail

Now Hiring Fail

Bad News Extra

Probably Bad News Extra

Job Application Fail

Rate of Pay

Reference Fail

Reference Fail

Resume Fail

Resume Eagle Scout

Sleeping on the Job

Sleeping On The Job

Time For a New Job

Time For A New Job

Workspace Fail

Work Space Fail


These two were too funny not to be included.

Hat Fail

Hat  Fail

Optional Fail

Optional Fail

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-- Jacob Share