AACI logoLast week I told you about the job fair at the Mercaz on October 18th. On Israel-Job-Opps (one of JobMob's recommended Yahoo Groups for Israeli job hunting), Jason Freedman had some questions about the fair being limited to the 19-35 age group, so I spoke with fair co-sponsor AACI at their National Office in Jerusalem.

AACI's Answers

  1. Although mentioned in the original release from the Mercaz, the job fair is not being held in conjunction with AACI.
  2. AACI does have its own job fairs, usually timed with Nefesh B'Nefesh arrivals of olim.
  3. AACI job fairs are open to all ages provided that you are a member of the association.
  4. You can become a member now. Although not free, the cheapest level of membership is just over NIS 100 and gives you access to many other services and events, like AACI's Employment Services.
  5. There is no date set yet for the next AACI job fair.

Would you be interested in a no-age-limit job fair?

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  1. Jason Freeman

    Thanks for the help,
    It amazes me that these groups claim to try and help unemployed people yet want to charge money for the service. I already joined Israemploy and had to pay 40 shekels for 3 months with no luck so far, and can not afford to pay more for other groups. This is not what i call charitable groups! I can not afford the cheapest rate of 100 shekels so what am i supossed to do? I love this country and want to stay here for many years to come, but im afraid with the lack of support for older Olim with limited credentials, i might have to think about leaving purely because of unemployment reasons. I know someone out there can employ me and utilize my skills( photoshop whiz) but after sending dozens of resumes and applications every week, i am starting to get dismayed and am near the end. After being here 3 years i am yet to get any support or assistance from anyone and have tried all avenues!

  2. Shimshon Feder

    Dear Sir,

    I think that it is quite unfair to set an age limit (19-35) on a job fair which is trying to help olim and former olim find jobs.

  3. Robin

    As a former attendee of the Merkaz Job Fair, I wasn’t impressed. The options were: one manpower agency, MLM schemes, IDT and maybe one or two actual companies.

  4. Jacob Share

    Jason: Photoshop skills are definitely in need, so we should try to figure out why your resumes are getting turned down.

    I can suggest 2 things-
    1. You send in your resume, I post it to JobMob and then the JobMob Community (including myself) can make recommendations on how to improve it.


    2. We do a JobMobber Profile for you and see if the Community has leads to offer you.

    Have you considered freelancing over the Internet?

    Shimshon: thanks for your vote.

    Robin: good to know, and if it’s the same this time… I’ll post an update as I get more information but so far it appears that there will be at least 4 companies (still not alot, I know) and some interesting speakers.

  5. Zvi Landsman

    Jacob’s right – you should explore freelancing. Check out JobShuk.com – we’ll be at the fair as well.

  6. Kate

    This was a tough event from a logistics perspective.

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