More Yahoo Groups to join for your job search in Israel.

In part 1 of this article I explained why Yahoo Groups are more relevant than Google Groups and I gave the first 5 Groups to join. Part 2 completes that list.

How To Read This Guide

  • Yahoo Groups require a Yahoo email account to login. If you don't have one, sign up here.
  • (Jobs-Only) – this tag is meant to separate the employment-focused groups from the others where jobs can be found but aren't the main purpose of the group.
  • (Restricted) – this tag indicates that when you join a group, you will need to send a request to its moderator. It's rare that moderators don't respond within one business day.
  • (Moderated) – this tag indicates that if you ever post anything to the group, your message will only appear after a moderator has approved it.

More Groups for Your Israeli Job Search

Presented in descending order by February 2007 membership numbers:

  1. (Restricted) (Moderated) Techshoret – The Forum for the Israeli Technical Communicator. If you're a technical writer or want to pursue that profession in Israel, this active group of over 1600 members is for you.
  2. HebrewTranslating – regardless of its name, this group of almost 1500 members is for the Jewish-language (Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic, etc.) translator. While covering all facets of that vocation, there are occasional messages about job leads.
  3. (Restricted) (Moderated) J-DESK – Israeli JUG (Java Users' Group). This group is for Israeli Java professionals, and job opportunities will come up. If this is your field, you will want to join this group of over 1400 members.
  4. (Jobs-Only) JobsInIsrael – This group is sponsored by three different companies and if you're unaware, it readily becomes apparent after being a member for only a week. That said, it does have almost 1200 members (probably because the name was easy to search for) and people do post that they are hiring or that they are seeking, so I wouldn't write it off unless you're concerned about the three sponsors spamming you.
  5. (Jobs-Only) Israel-Job-Opps – Similar to JobsInIsrael. Officially it has no sponsors, but you will still see ads from at least one of JobsInIsrael‘s sponsors. They currently have over 800 members.
  6. (Restricted) (Moderated) kfarsaba – a general-purpose group for Kfar Saba residents in the model of the raananalist. Currently at just over 800 members, I'd follow it if you do or would like to live/work in that area.
  7. (Restricted) (Moderated) CIWI – Connecting Independent Writers in Israel. This young group has already amassed over 550 members in less than a year and is very active covering all topics related to every kind of writing profession in Israel (“Journalists, marketing writers, development writers, copywriters, grant writers, and the like”) including job opportunities and ‘freelancegigs'.
  8. Janglo1 – similar to its older sister but with less restrictions, although spam and ‘inappropriate' messages are still filtered out. Although four years old, it only has a fraction of Janglo‘s members. However, at almost 500 it's clearly filling a niche. Although I can't prove it, I'm willing to bet that most of its members are also on Janglo so I wouldn't expect too much by also posting your work request here. I would still recommend doing it.
  9. unesil – UNESIL-Union of Native English Speakers. A general purpose group with almost 400 members, rarely a week goes by without at least one job posting but mostly for work-from-home scheme-sounding ads (many exclamation points!!!!). Basically it's JobsInIsrael with moving sales. I don't think it offers anything appealing that the above groups don't already have but 400 members is still significant.
  10. (Jobs-Only) (Restricted) workingmomsinIsrael – this group is aimed at – you guessed it – working mothers in Israel. More specifically, it has job listings aimed at women who want to work from home, work part-time or work flex-time. If you are such a woman, the group already has just over 300 members although it hasn't been too active for the past 6 months, averaging only about 5 posts a month. I guess everyone's already been hired by Matrix 🙂
  11. (Jobs-Only) Parnassa – Jewish employment opportunities. This group of 300 members averaged one measly post per month in 2006. The only reason I mention it is because when someone does post, it's clearly a real person with a real need and not just some Viagra dealer or Canadian pharmacy. Since it won't explode your inbox or cost anything to post your job want-ad, I think you should join.
  12. (Jobs-Only) (Restricted) (Moderated) mikesclub – Mike's Networking Club. Mike Lugassy, the club's founder, calls it “a group I started to help friends network with one another, mainly for the purpose of matching friends that have positions they are trying to fill with friends that are looking for jobs.” There are a number of conditions to being a member so this club isn't for everyone. Also, by far most of the jobs are US-based but it's not a posting criteria and other countries are represented. Mikesclub has over 150 members.
  13. (Restricted) (Moderated) web-pro-il – this small group of just over 100 members “is a peer forum for people who do anything that has to do with the web”. Most of the posts are job- or income-related so you won't be wasting your time by joining. However it's not very active but I appreciate that its founder(s?) made an effort to organize such a community in Israel, being a web person myself.
  14. (Jobs-Only) (Restricted) harvard_israel_job_network. From the home page – “The Harvard Israel Job Network wishes to bridge the gap between older, more established Harvard alumni in Israel and recent graduates who are seeking employment.” Not being a Harvard alum, I can't get in so I can't really comment on this group. With almost 100 members, it's almost as exclusive as the university it hails from. More information here.

Did I miss anything? If you know of any other useful Yahoo, Google or other Groups that you feel should be part of the list, please write a comment and tell me.

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    Israel-Jobs-Opps · Israel-Jobs&Opportunities
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    This list has been set up to allow those seeking jobs and those offering jobs to advertise. It is essentially aimed at the Israeli market but advertisements involving relocation will also be accepted.

    This list has 884 members and is growing on a daily basis. It is fully moderated by the list owner who just happens to be me! 🙂

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    As director of the OU Job Board/ParnossahWorks program I wanted to inform you that we have an extensive and growing list of Israel Jobs for the English speaking Olim and those planning to make Aliyah.

    Our listing is FREE to use and you can also post your resumes free of charge. We not only work with some of the top employers in Israel but we also “mine” jobs from every sector of the Israeli economy.
    Please go to and hit Israel from the State drop down list.

    If you need more information please contact me
    Srulie Rosner
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