Between the coronavirus economic impact and the fear of catching COVID-19, it's easy to be anxious all the time, but things could be worse.

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Can you relativize?

Can you see the bright side of things when dark clouds arrive?

Are you able to compare your situation with that of other people to understand when you're better off?

(It's ok to do, you can still feel bad for them without feeling guilty.)

Let's hope this is true:

Seeing #How2020CouldGetWorse trending reminds me of this guy I used to work with who thought saying anything bad out loud would make it happen. I was more of the philosophy that if we talk about it, then it won't happen. But that was all way before the timeline broke in 2016.

I completely agree: if you understand how things can go wrong, you're more likely to avoid them happening to you.

With that in mind, here we go…

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18 ways the coronavirus economy can make your career worse before it gets better

1. You keep your job, but you get a worse boss

My ex become my boss at work #How2020CouldGetWorse

2. You lose your job and get depressed

#How2020CouldGetWorse i lose my job somehow or get to much work and get depressed again, get unable to move out, can't see my friends for months if the virus here gets worse, develop a eating disorder, no bts concert, my other cat dies and i get stuck with my dad. yep.

3. You lose your job due to catching the coronavirus

#How2020CouldGetWorse I could lose the job that is constantly potentially exposing me to Covid 19 and then I could end up with Covid.

4. You lose your job due to your employer ignoring the coronavirus

#How2020CouldGetWorse Simple. Amazon will shut down due to making employees work during the corona virus. Then people will get mad bc they ordered animal crossing or something and then when people get angry..... it don't go well. ESPECIALLY U TALKING AWAY ANIMAL CROSSING. smh

5. You lose your job due to catching the coronavirus, and then the health workers get laid off while treating you

Never could have imagined a time where a pandemic would cause millions, including healthcare workers, to lose their jobs! #Covid_19 #HealthcareWorkersIn5Words #How2020CouldGetWorse #MedTwitter

6. You lose your job due to a family member getting sick and needing to care for them, and they eventually die

#How2020CouldGetWorse hmm let’s see. Dog already died. Mom already died. Lost my job due to missing work while she was sick. Can’t get unemployment because I didn’t ask for LOA. Been separated from husband a year- he made too much- not filed- no stimulus money. Fuck me.

7. You lose your job due to the coronavirus economic depression

#How2020CouldGetWorse - Losing your job because of Covid-19, with kids at home.

8. You lose your job due to the coronavirus economic depression and future companies downplay the whole situation after the fact

#How2020CouldGetWorse Another group of bored WSULs with make-work jobs* starts another hashtag downplaying the effects of the virus. Its economic impact. And its danger to our food supply. (*Virtually any job you can do from home~95%) More #WSUL BS. White (s)urbanite liberal

9. You lose your job after spending a lot of money to keep it going

#How2020CouldGetWorse Let's see. I spent $3500 on a car about three months ago then another $600 to get it running only to have the transmission fail costing me my job. I owe my sister near $1000 and I have $9 in the bank with no hope of finding a job.

10. You lose your job after your internet goes down so you can no longer work from home

Woke up and tried to log in for a work day to find that my internet is out.

11. You lose your job “temporarily” and your company expects you to come back in better shape than you left

#How2020CouldGetWorse work expects me to 'hit the ground running' when I come back off furlough.

12. You lose your job “temporarily” and your company discovers how to replace you with robots or software, making the furlough permanent

#How2020CouldGetWorse Perminent unemployment with workers replaced by bots, competing businesses closing down, corona virus closing other businesses, and students with studentloans unable to get a job or start a company without collateral. Americans needed #UBI yesterday.

13. You need a new job but finding a good one, or just one, has gotten a lot harder

Not being able to find a job.

No access to decent jobs and decent pay.

14. You need a new job but you don't know how to find one in 2020

#How2020CouldGetWorse you are not prepared to find a #job when companies are #HIRINGNOW . Get on the ball and improve your resume! Read it like a hiring manager to ensure your bringing your best forward. #NYC #Philly

15. You need a new job but you can't find one, get evicted and lose healthcare access

#How2020CouldGetWorse hmmm... I don't get a job. I don't get a paycheck. I get kicked out of my apartment. I don't have access to food stamps. I don't have access to healthcare. I don't have access to anything... etc. #HelpsKeepMeGrounded

16. You need a new job but you can't find one, and you need to crowdfund just to survive and pay the bills

Can someone please help me? I’m absolutely desperate 😔 I’ve made a go fund me page as its my only hope. #How2020CouldGetWorse #KingTrump #TrumpPressConf #Ibelieveher #COVID19 #coronavirus #stillgamequiz #help #StayHome #gofundme

17. You find a new job, but it puts you at risk of catching COVID-19 while trying to stop other people from catching it

#How2020CouldGetWorse A new job is created

18. This all eventually blows over, and you have to go back to a job you hate

#How2020CouldGetWorse when this pandemic is over we all go back to doing the same lame sh!t we were doing before; being selfish, unhappy, work jobs we hate to pay for things we don’t need, treating others and the environment poorly.

On the lighter side…

19. This all eventually blows over, and you have to go back to a job with stinky, spoiled yogurt on your desk

Having to deal with that open yogurt I left on my desk when we go back to work #How2020CouldGetWorse

Keep your chin up! It's not all bad

I recently co-hosted a chat with Jason Alba of JibberJobber and about some of the things you can do to make the best of the current job market:

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How do you think things could get worse in 2020? Tell us in the comments.

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