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So you've set up your LinkedIn account, you've connected with key people, you've even commented on a few discussions?


But what should you actually be doing that can help you land a job via LinkedIn?

Here are three tips that are killer when it comes to getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile. When it comes to ‘strategic' LinkedIn activity… this would be it.

1) Contact a contact

We always hear people say how they wish they heard back from employers. Or they wish they knew who the contact person is so they could touch base about their interests in a role. Well, LinkedIn can help solve these niggling issues.

Most jobs that are posted on LinkedIn should be linked to an actual person's account. That's right – a living, breathing human. So, if you find a job on LinkedIn or even a job on another job board, site, WOM, etc., search the employer's page on LinkedIn and check out if they have listed the job on LinkedIn also.

If so, there should be a profile identifying who listed the post at the top, right corner of the job advert. Found it? Great! Now make contact.

A word of caution however- if you do make contact, ensure you reach out with something a little more impressive than, “Hi, I wish to apply for your job…”

The process to apply is usually stated in the job advert. Reach out to the contact and ask a question that shows you've thought about the role and how you want to help. For example:

“Hi [name]

I would like to take a moment of your time to discuss the [job title] opening.

I noticed you are asking for someone with expert level WHS planning skills. I have managed X and also Y, is this the level you are seeking?


I can bring some great initiatives as I have managed multi-level WHS systems for a commercial enterprise in mining. Just want to make sure I am on the right track before applying.

Looking forward to your reply,


Keep it short and to the point. Asking questions to clarify the role/project requirements show that you have thought about your skills and what you can offer the employer.

This leads us to our next tip.

2) Check out the Employer page

LinkedIn provides useful insights into an employer's activities.

If you want to impress and appeal to your employer during your application stage, check out their LinkedIn page to see what they have posted recently.

Did they have a recent team building event? Great. Comment in your cover letter how you saw their update regarding their event and would love to work for an employer that offers these team development opportunities.

It's all about standing out and showing how you have gone that one step further than any other candidate and nothing shows you are more interested in a company than taking the time to read their updates and posts.

3) Check out potential fellow employees on LinkedIn

You may or may not want to turn your privacy settings to ‘private' when you search other members. Depending on your strategy, however, one way to compare your bacon to the ‘desired' candidate, is to check out what the actual employees of your chosen employer do. Such as-

If you're applying for a Customer Service role, do they have other customer service reps on LinkedIn? What kinds of experience do they have? Do the employees all have a similar focus? Do they have a common theme? For example, do they refer to their Human Resources department as the ‘People & Culture' team?

Little nuances like this can help you run with the crowd. Reviewing current employees against your skill set may also highlight gaps in your resume and LinkedIn profile that you may need to update.

LinkedIn can be a great tool. Networking is the word of the moment, however you also need to be strategic with your efforts and learn how to leverage this tool to get the most out of it. Standing out, showcasing your attributes and 'employee pitch' and making contact with the right person and key ingredients to shortening your job search process.

Try these tips today and see what response you get.

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Yolanda is one of the founders of Winning Edge Resume Service. A qualified Human Resource & Marketing professional, Yolanda brings direct HR and commercial experience, along with varied employment and industry background to the table. Previous sectors Yolanda has worked in include: recruitment, employment, mining, industrial services & government. Follow her on Twitter @we_resumes.

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