Salary Surveys in 2008

The Ultimate Global Guide to Job Salaries in 2008

One of the most common interview questions is about your job salary expectations. To help you be well prepared for that sensitive question, here's a handy guide of free job salary resources by country.

Update: There's a newer version of this list: Where to Research Job Market Salaries in 2016


Read this first

You need to know if you can trust the statistics given. The list below only includes sites that are credible or that explain where their numbers come from so that you can judge for yourself.

Salaries are constantly changing and many of these sites are based on employee-submitted information. For best results, compare results across multiple sites.

If you know of any other resources that aren't in the list, please suggest them in the comments below.

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What's in this guide?

  • Salary Surveys – numbers come from reader surveys about their jobs.
  • Salary Databases – readers contribute information about their jobs, sometimes in exchange for access to the rest of the database.
  • Salary Reports – more general, a salary report can come alone or from a combination of salary surveys, government statistics, company disclosures, etc.
  • Salary or Wage Search – search on a profession and the results will show typical earnings.
  • Salary Calculators or Checkers / Wage Estimators / Worth Estimators – you fill out a form of questions about your profession and the calculated result is an estimate of the salary you should be earning. If you're employed, this a good way to judge how fair your pay is.

Jump to your country

Click your flag to jump to the related links:

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There are also more resources for your country in the International section at the end.

Global Directory of Salary Resources

Flag of AustraliaAustralia

  • 2007 Salary Survey Results – Travel and Hospitality Industry (pdf)
  • Salaries of 100 jobs in 2007
  • PeopleBank's IT Salary Surveys – for the major cities of Australia.
  • Hays 2008 Salary Survey & Guide
  • LiveSalary – anonymous salary information database of user submissions.
  • Robert Walters 2008 Australia Salary Survey (pdf)

Flag of CanadaCanada

Flag of IndiaIndia

Flag of IrelandIreland

Flag of Israel Israel

  • Jacob Richman’s 2008 CJI Salary Survey Results Now Available – an article comparing annual hitech salary survey results.
  • CPS's Hitech Salary Surveys (Hebrew)
  • Ethosia HR's June 2008 Salary Survey (Hebrew) – very complete.
  • Nisha Group's Salary Table (Hebrew – covers hitech, biotech and the financial industry)
  • Check Compare – a mostly-Hebrew database of user-submitted salary information covering many industries.
  • Maskorot – another Hebrew database of submissions, but with some features such as the 50 Highest Salaries by Position.
  • MSNJobs' Professional Worth Estimator (Hebrew, free registration required)
  • Techshoret Technical Writers Salary Survey

Flag of the Philippines Philippines

Flag of SingaporeSingapore

  • JobStreet Salary Report – numbers for many professions.
  • Kelly Services' 2007 Annual Singapore Salary Guide
  • Ministry of Manpower Wage Search
  • Robert Walters 2008 Singapore Salary Survey (pdf)

Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa

Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Flag of United StatesUnited States

  • Glassdoor – submit your own first to see the information that other users have anonymously submitted about their companies.
  • Realrates – not very nice to look at, but has user-submitted information that is (somewhat) verified by moderators.
  • SalaryExpert Search
  • Springraise – lets you compare your salary against others in your field, anonymously.
  • U.S. Department of Labor – using the right-hand sidebar, drill down to your profession to find current Earnings values.
  • CareerOneStop – credible information from a government source.
  • Yahoo! HotJobs Salary (USA)
  • JobStar's 300+ Salary Survey Results
  • Salary Search
  • TheJobNetwork – a salary survey that lets you experiment with different criteria to see how they affect your worth.
  • Salary Ticker
  • University of Washington Foster Business Library Salary Resources
  • TechRepublic's 2008 IT skills and salary report (requires free registration)
  • Robert Walters 2008 United States Salary Survey (pdf)
  • ComputerWorld 2008 Salary Survey


  • PayScale – mainly a salary checker, somewhat long-winded forms but very detailed results for almost every country.
  • National Statistical Agencies – per country, many of which have salary numbers in your local language.
  • Resources
  • – there are many local sites with country-specific salary information.
  • SalaryExpert (international version) – only one position at a time can be checked.
  • SalaryScout – search or browse salaries from around the world, such as via their interactive World Salary Map.
  • WageIndicator – these “salary checks” are supposed to confirm if your current salary is fair.
  • Salary Surveys – a lot of employee-submitted information categorized by industry. Time-consuming to look through and you can't search the submissions.
  • Surprise Packages – a report covering 10 major countries with special focus on the United Kingdom.
  • Robert Walters Global Salary Surveys for 2008 – in addition to the above countries are covered Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain and The Netherlands.
  • Robert Half Finance Free Resources – a 2008 guide with “projected average starting salary ranges for accounting, finance and banking positions,” requires free signup. Only covers the United States and Canada.
  • Salary Survey for Engineers – covers the United States, India, Canada, UAE, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Qatar, Germany, Nigeria, the Philippines and Egypt.
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