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What Everybody Ought to Know About Preventing Interruptions and Avoiding Distractions

How to get in focus fast. A 3-part series.

Don’t you hate it when you sit down to do something, you start getting really into it, you’re perhaps even working something complicated out in your mind and then RRRING! the phone goes or BEEPOO! an email arrives or BOOWEEP! someone messages you or HEY! you’re tapped on the shoulder…A few minutes later, you’re finally back to what you were doing and then…and then you’re thinking where was I?

And those are just the interruptions you had in the past 20 minutes.

Even worse is when no one gets in your way and you can concentrate except – oh look at that, I’ll just check the headlines quickly – or – what time is it? I’d better call Kate/Ofer/Ming-li to see what we’re doing tonight – or even, when around others – he doesn’t need to yell into that phone, we don’t all need to hear him.

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What Distracts You From Working?

I love the Internet. I hate boredom. In 2007, it has now been 13 years that I’ve been online and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think that I’ve ever been bored online in all that time. TV? Used to bore me all the time – not just the ads either – and that’s why […]

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Yahoo! Finance Recommends JibberJobber To Organize Your Job Search

One of the most daunting aspects of a jobhunt is organizing it all, especially if it’s a prolonged search. Who did you speak to when, what did you send to whom, perhaps even what did you wear to which interview. Yahoo! Finance recently praised JibberJobber as a tool to ease this burden. This is the […]

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Are International Job Websites Useful for Israeli Jobhunting?

If you’re a sabra and speak fluent Hebrew, you may think that Israel-based job websites are sufficient. For everyone else living in Israel or not, your Israeli jobhunt may need to involve searching international websites but will you find anything? Let’s take a look. What I Did Google for the world’s largest jobsites and those […]

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Need Help Deciding Whether You Should Upgrade to Windows Vista?

Not every JobMobber can afford to plunk down over NIS 1000 or $300 for Microsoft’s latest eye candy/hacker target Windows Vista unless they have a truly compelling reason to do so, such as finding their Israeli dream job quicker. So Brian Briggs put together a flowchart to help you make the right decision, notwithstanding the […]

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