Have you thought of changing careers? Unemployed or not, that's a question worth asking yourself when you consider the impact that your career has on your health, happiness and life in general. One way to get on the path of career success is by updating your skills with a new college or university degree.

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Changed Careers Already?

Penelope Trunk, author of the Brazen Careerist, says that career change is inevitable:

Today people start working when they are 22 and don't stop until they are 65 or older. It makes sense that the career you pick when you are a 22 will not be appropriate when you are 44. People change. Thank goodness, or else we would get bored being ourselves.

This is especially true in Israel, where getting on the hitech wave can mean a big improvement in salary and other work conditions. Getting a pertinent diploma might be your ticket into the hitech industry, but enrolling in Israeli universities is challenging whether you're a sabra or not, which is one of the reasons for the success of other colleges that have sprung up in the country. The solution for the Internet Age is to take your e-ducation online.

Learn From Home

EarnMyDegree.com is a professional web portal for all things related to getting a degree over the Internet. The site has two main sections:

  • The ‘major' section helps you find the online school and degree for your needs.The site references dozens of academic programs by subject and level e.g. Bachelor's or Master's degrees.
  • The ‘minor' section, called the Learning Center, is meant to inform you on topics such as the benefits of learning online, U.S. job market trends, and how to spot phony Internet degrees… er… on other sites…

One useful feature on the site is the Quick Degree Finder box that lets jump right to a degree program from any of the articles in the Learning Center. That same box is sorely missing elsewhere since the site has no search mechanism, forcing you to click around until you find what you want or discover the Quick Finder.

There is a Canadian version of the website but otherwise all the programs listed are for American universities and colleges. I contacted the Israeli Education Ministry's Foreign Accreditation Branch for information on which of these schools are accredited in Israel. Their procedure requires faxing Jerusalem with information on the individual program that interests you. Most of the schools listed on EarnMyDegree.com are well-known or even Ivy League so this verification should be at most a formality. That said, in these early days of Internet education, you should still check with the Education Ministry in case there's an issue with the online version of the school's degree.

Have you tried this kind of e-learning already? If so, please tell us, I'm curious to hear how it went for you.

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    Am interested in a degree from Isreal. How can one go about obtaing such.

  2. Jacob Share

    Would you be coming to live in Israel for school, or would you like to get your Israeli degree over the Internet?

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