is one of Israel's most successful Hebrew-only job boards.


This week, they announced the launch of a new service called AllJobsMatch that could shorten your Israeli job search significantly.

What is AllJobsMatch?

According to the recent mailing sent out to AllJobs members, AllJobsMatch is supposed to find the best correspondence between the trio of your CV, some of your desired work conditions (e.g. preferred location) and your future employer's job requirements.

Translated from the Hebrew mailing:

  • “We scan and check every new opening in the system – how fitting it is for you and you for it.”
  • “We send your CV quickly for that opening.”
  • “It's possible to choose anonymous delivery – without personal details – if you prefer no risk.”
  • “The employer will receive your CV with your match probability – it's difficult to imagine an employer who won't thoroughly read your CV when he sees a 92% match probability beside your name.”
  • “In your daily mailing we'll group all the openings for which a complete match was found – making it possible to follow along and activate connections in the most appropriate places.”

Does It Really Work?

Hard to say. According to the demo, the first list of matches should arrive 30 minutes after uploading a Hebrew CV. It's been hours and I'm still waiting, so I'll follow up with you in a few days. Perhaps AllJobs still have some bugs to fix.

How Much Does it Cost?

Officially – nothing. Just like with AllJobs itself, you don't need to be a paying member to try out AllJobsMatch. However, only paying members will actually get to have contact with prospective employers. If you decide that AllJobs and AllJobsMatch is for you, it will cost NIS 39 per month.

Wrap Up

The AllJobsMatch service sounds appealing. This service claims to send you to the companies that are most likely to want you, which was what Ainav suggested that JobMob do with the JobMobber Profiles. If it works, you'll be able to avoid job search email overload and narrow your focus to the few companies who may actually respond to your efforts to get their attention.

Let's see what happens. Try AllJobsMatch for a few days and then contact me or comment about your experience below.

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  1. Todd Porter

    I would be leery of a service like this where you have to pay money. Being only NIS 39 per month, it’s not a huge risk.

    In the US, resume blasting services have become very popular. There are probably 10 companies offering this service. These companies charge between $50 and a few thousand! They will blast your resume to 2,000 recruiters. Small amount of money but I would says it’s almost always money down the drain (I know somebody is going to tell me it worked for them).

    My point is, you are better off investing your time in doing your own research, to get to the right job/recruiter, than paying even a small amount.

    (A small side note, if someone is trying to charge you to actually find them a job, the first rule is to run the other way)

    Todd Porter
    H.T. PROF Executive Search
    (770) 420-7440

  2. Jacob Share

    Todd, I also think that indiscriminate resume blasting is a waste of time, both for the job seekers and the hiring companies. Also, a great way for spammers to harvest real email addresses. But I’m not sure that AllJobsMatch was created to be that kind of service.

    Like AllJobs says, an employer will have a hard time resisting a read when a candidate’s match probability is high. That’s only going to be true as long as the CV read meets the expectations created by the high match probability. Otherwise, employers will start to see the AllJobs mails as spam and treat them as such. AllJobs may not care since they’re being paid by the candidates and not the employers, but unless the candidates get results, they’ll stop paying.

  3. Kate

    8705 Captain Up Points today.

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