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In Work Portfolios: The Best Job Interview Tool Youโ€™re Not Using, we explained what a work portfolio is and gave you 3 reasons to have one. Go read it now, then come back here if you like. (The link will open in a new tab or window, so you won't need to click the back button)

By publishing your work on any of the popular sites listed here, you give yourself the extra benefits of a work portfolio in the public eye:

  1. Building your personal brand and skills-related contact network
  2. Impressing employers who need what you do, and who will proactively reach out to you
  3. Displaying your project accomplishments in a centralized location

Jump directly to any of the categories to find the right sites for you and start uploading now:

Latest update: April 28th, 2014



1) โ€“ general design

houzz logo houzz logo

2) โ€“ home and room design


3) โ€“ web design


4) โ€“ logo design


5) โ€“ general design


6) โ€“ general design

creattica logo

7) โ€“ general design

carbonmade logo

8) โ€“ illustration, photography, architecture, character design, fashion design, fine arts, motion design, graphic design, styles, web design

creativebits logo

9) โ€“ general design

bestwebgallery logo

10) โ€“ web design


youtube logo

11) โ€“ general

dailymotion logo

12) โ€“ general

vimeo logo

13) โ€“ general

metacafe logo

14) โ€“ general

liveleak logo

15) โ€“ graphic media

ustream logo

16) โ€“ general

veoh logo

17) โ€“ general

break logo

18) โ€“ funny videos

justintv logo

19) โ€“ general

pandoratv logo

20) โ€“ general


itunes logo

21) โ€“ general music

deezer logo

22) โ€“ general music

lastfm logo

23) โ€“ general music

grooveshark logo

24) โ€“ general music

mp3 logo

25) โ€“ general music

indabamusic logo

26) โ€“ general music

yourlisten logo

27) โ€“ general music

jukeboxalive logo

28) โ€“ general music

kompoz logo

29) โ€“ general music

maestrofm logo

30) โ€“ general music


stackoverflow logo


reddit logo

32) programming

sourceforge logo


stackexchange logo


codeproject logo

35) logo


dzone logo


codeacademy logo


iis logo


codingforums logo



slideshare logo

41) โ€“ general presentation

prezi logo

42) โ€“ general presentation

calameo logo

43) โ€“ general presentation

authorstream logo

44) โ€“ general presentation

animoto logo

45) โ€“ general presentation

powtoon logo

46) โ€“ business presentation

screenr logo

47) โ€“ screencasts

powershow logo

48) โ€“ general presentation

slideboom logo

49) โ€“ general presentation

myplick logo

50) โ€“ general presentation

slideserve logo

51) โ€“ general presentation

emaze logo

52) โ€“ general presentation

haikudeck logo

53) โ€“ general presentation


fineartamerica logo

54) โ€“ fine art

artfire logo

55) โ€“ handmade, indie, design, media, vintage, fine art, commercial, craft

artnet logo

56) โ€“ Fine Art, Decorative Art, and Design

saatchionline logo

57) โ€“ general art

artician logo

58) โ€“ art and design

imagekind logo

59) โ€“ prints, posters, canvass and framed wall art

shadowness logo

60) โ€“ general art

artlimited logo

61) โ€“ general art

ugalley logo

62) โ€“ art paintings

bluecanvas logo

63) โ€“ general art


picasa logo

64) โ€“ general

instagram logo

65) โ€“ general

flickr logo

66) โ€“ general

photobucket logo

67) โ€“ general

shutterfly logo

68) โ€“ photo books, holiday cards, photo cards, birth announcements, photo printing

500px logo

69) โ€“ general

panoramio logo

70) โ€“ photos of the world

smugmug logo

71) โ€“ general

zenfolio logo

72) โ€“ general logo

73) โ€“ general


scribd logo

74) โ€“ a digital library of books and documents

fanfiction logo

75) โ€“ Fiction

poemhunter logo

76) โ€“ poem

smashwords logo

77) โ€“ Ebooks

gather logo

78) โ€“ news and commentary

publishersweekly logo

79) โ€“ book reviews, books, and publishing business news

writersdigest logo

80) โ€“ articles

tor logo

81) โ€“ science fiction, fantasy blog, books, stories, news, forum

writing logo

82) โ€“ general

writework logo

83) โ€“ essays, research papers, and book reports

Legal Forms

findlaw logo

84) โ€“ general

legalzoom logo

85) โ€“ general

rocketlawyer logo

86) โ€“ general

lawyersclubindia logo

87) โ€“ general

docracy logo

88) โ€“ legal contracts and sign documents online


architizer logo

89) โ€“ general

archrecord logo

90) โ€“ general

archello logo

91) โ€“ general

theblueprints logo

92) โ€“ general

architecture logo

93) โ€“ general

worldarchitecture logo

94) โ€“ general

architectureforhumanity logo

95) โ€“ general


Instructables logo

96) Instructables โ€“ general

towerhobbies logo

97) โ€“ car, boat, and plane projects

crafster logo

98) โ€“ general

curbly logo

99) โ€“ inspiration, rooms, makeovers

craftgossip logo

100) โ€“ DIY and handmade ideas

cutoutandkeep logo

101) โ€“ craft ideas

dollarstorecrafts logo

102) โ€“ craft ideas

craftbits logo

103) โ€“ handmade gift ideas

craftown logo

104) โ€“ craft patterns and ideas

craftsforallseason logo

105) โ€“ craft ideas

thecsiproject logo

106) โ€“ DIY craft ideas


education logo

107) โ€“ educational resources

enchantedlearning logo

108) โ€“ learning resources


spoonful logo

109) โ€“ cook, create, play

kidsactivitiesblog logo

110) โ€“ kids activities

makeandtakes logo

111) โ€“ kids craft

thecraftycrow logo

112) โ€“ crafts and activities for kids

childhood101 logo

113) โ€“ play, create, learn, read, home, health, eat, family, make

makingfriends logo

114) โ€“ craft project sheets, recycled ideas

freekidscrafts logo

115) โ€“ kids craft

atozkidsstuff logo

116) โ€“ kids stuff

Question of the article

Which of these sites has lead directly to a work or job offer for you? Tell us in the comments!

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  2. Steven Duncan

    Oh yeah, using these sites are always great as a quick portfolio, but theres nothing like having your own site.

  3. Jacob Share

    Steven- too true! But for someone who wants to hit the ground running, itโ€™s better to pick an established site with good traffic and reputation, and grow your own site in parallel.

  4. Kate

    What beautiful logos to use as personal branding.

  5. Kate

    Iโ€™m not sure the last comment I left was especially helpful, but regardless of the quality of comments, they are all worth 20 Captain Up points.

  6. Olivia Green

    Amazing list of resources, Jacob!
    Iโ€™d also recommend Pixpa for building an online portfolio and showing your creative skills online. Iโ€™ve recently started with their free trial and already finding it to be more intuitive than most other platforms that Iโ€™ve tried in the past. Iโ€™m yet to explore its full capabilities, but would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to show their skills online.

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