Updated Schedules for the Job Fair and WordCamp Israel

Updated Schedules for the Job Fair and WordCamp Israel

As we get closer to the Mercaz Hamagshimim Job Fair and WordCamp Israel, the agenda of each event is becoming clearer.

WordCamp Israel badgeMercaz Hamagshimim Speakers Announced

Jacob Richman's recent CJI update details the 4 speakers and their topics, one of whom is Jacob himself. I've added the list to the original announcement about the job fair.

WordCamp Israel Redux

WordCamp Israel is sold out (which is a funny thing to say since it was free). The 250-person capacity has been reached and any additional signups will now go onto a waiting list.

Also, the day's schedule was somewhat rearranged and we now know what Lorelle Van Fossen will be talking about in more detail. For all that new information, see the updated JobMob article about the conference.

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Kate says

Didn’t go. Haven’t been to a job fair since I was a student.

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