Blogging is a great way to go beyond your resume in branding yourself on the Internet. If you're contemplating blogging or are doing so already, don't miss the free, world-renowned blogging conference that is coming soon to Israel.

WordCamp Israel 2007 is October 25th

WordCamp is the official event for users of WordPress, the popular blogging software platform used by JobMob and millions of blogs around the world.

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The conference will interest bloggers, people considering becoming bloggers and others who want to understand how blogging has changed the Internet.


The day's activities (subject to change) can be found in detail on the official Hebrew site for the conference but here's an English translation:

Part 1: Influence, Money & Blogs

  • 9am Registration
  • 9:25 Welcome
  • 9:30 Opening remarks by Tal Galili
  • 9:40 Celebrity Blogger Lorrelle Van Fossen's keynote speech about Content Connections: the social aspect of blogging, comments, networking, linking, and how to start and continue the conversation on your blog.
  • 10:20 Break
  • 10:25 Panel Discussion about Blogging as Marketing Tool: Wise Strategy or Just a Waste of Time?
  • 11:35 Break
  • 11:40 Podcasting
  • 11:55 WordPress Isn't Only for Geeks – How We Learned to Install & Maintain WordPress
  • 12:30 Lunch

Part 2: Free & Perfect: WordPress, Getting Your Hands Dirty

  • 13:30 How to install WordPress and use plugins
  • 14:30 Design & Customization: Themes
  • 15:10 Break
  • 15:20 Social Media Optimization (SMO): SEO for Blog Marketing
  • 15:40 Page Loading Optimization
  • 16:00 Bloggers & The Law: Censorship, Libel, Copyrights & You
  • 16:30 Lorrelle Van Fossen‘s closing speech about WordPress Tips: an interactive discussion of how to use WordPress, offering tips and techniques for marking WordPress work for the blogger, no matter what kind of blog they use.

There's also an English blog about the event being maintained by Miriam Schwab, one of the scheduled participants.

Lorelle has set the tone by giving the blogosphere an overview of Israeli bloggers.


Michlelet Afeka
Bnei Efraim 218
Tel Aviv (Dan buses 47, 48, 113, 247 from Rokach Boulevard near the TA-University train station).
Tel: 1-800-37-37-10


Thursday, October 25th, 9 am-5 pm.


To learn new skills, improve your blogging knowledge and to network with people like yourself (really).

Sign Up While You Can

The registration list is full, but you can still get on the waiting list before it's too late.

Will I see you there?

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  3. Miriam

    Hi Jacob – can we use your English translation of the WordCamp schedule on the English blog? We’d link it back to this page on your site.

  4. Jacob Share

    Of course, Miriam. I’ll try to keep it updated if there are changes.

    Looking forward to meeting you

  5. Lorelle

    I’m so excited to be a part of this. It’s going to be such fun! Thanks for putting together such a fantastic program.

  6. Jacob Share

    Hey Lorelle, I think we’re all psyched. Will you be around in the evening after the conference? I’m sure Miriam and others would be interested in a group heading out to a good restaurant.

  7. Kate

    Glad to see everyone was well-prepared for the event.

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