The recent Best Blogging Achievements group writing contest has become a bloggers' survey of sorts. The results are in but are they too convenient?

The entries overwhelmingly move in the same direction. Perhaps it was the spirit of the contest.

Bloggers are blogging… for you. And we're apparently proud of it.

But I wonder… were bloggers too embarrassed to say anything more selfish? Perhaps the contest would have had more than the 9 entries below if bloggers were more willing to admit that it's less about you and more about them.

You or Me?

A few months ago I attended WordCamp Israel. The keynote speaker was celebrity blogger Lorelle VanFossen, a terrific choice and we were lucky to have her.

One of the first questions Lorelle asked the 200-strong audience was “who are you blogging for?” Her answer- “yourself, first and foremost.” What did she mean?

To quote my Hebrew-autographed copy of Lorelle's terrific book Blogging Tips: “your blog is your resume”. When you put your name on a public document, you're telling the world about yourself. In the case of a blog, you're also saying what you're capable of. You're marketing yourself. You're branding yourself.

Here are my votes for the bloggers who branded themselves best during this contest.


  1. Bragging Rights by Shelly
  2. My best blogging achievement by Pearl
  3. Best blogging achievement by Vivien

Also linkworthy

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  • Wanna know my best blogging achievement? by Paul Lamach
  • Learning, my best achievement in blogging by Tclian
  • My greatest achievements by Yeepage
  • The Crux Of JobMob by Jacob
  • LGR Webmaster Blog Best Blogging Achievement by LGR

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  1. Simonne

    Thank you for voting.

    I don’t think they were too embarrassed to say selfish things. It’s just the selfish ones did not find time to participate, because they didn’t see anything for them in this contest (as my blog is far from being famous, so I can understand that people who are keen to direct all their efforts in getting attention from big guys were not interested).

    I blog for myself, not for branding, but for learning, and one of the learnings was that if you offer something people need, success will follow. My mosat viewed posts were not the oppinion ones, but the ones in which I explained how to solve every day problems, such as managing to give your cat a pill without getting scratched all over.

  2. simon

    thanks for the link, and good luck, btw where you get your blog template from?

  3. This Eclectic Life

    Thank you for the vote…I appreciate it!

  4. Pearl

    thank you so much for the vote Jacob! you are so right about everyone blogging for themselves but that’d be true for any business out there, but they also exist because of their clients 🙂 and do everything FOR their clients to stay in business..

    I know, its like the cat chasing its tail, isnt it? but its fun doing it, blogging i mean, not chasing tail!

    you have a very good template like Simonne said.. where did you get it is what I want to know too 🙂

  5. Jacob Share

    Thanks for jumping in, everyone.

    Simon & Pearl:
    This is a custom template that a friend of mine designed for JobMob: Fitore Jaha’s portfolio.

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