Funny, clever or unique, these business card designs will get you noticed.

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If you regularly attend local networking events like me, do you also find it surprising that digital business cards still haven't caught on?

Maybe it's because people love the art of clever business cards like the ones in this collection.


Do you have your own business cards right now?


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Funny but clever business cards


circumcisionist business card

Debt Recovery Agent

(note the broken thumb)

bone recovery agent business card


optometrist business card

Balloon Guy

balloon guy business card


photographer business card


copywriter business card


film maker business card

Online Seller

singingbearshop business card



programming business card


(stuck this one in here to see if you're paying attention)

gardener business card


magician business card

Body Piercing Artist

body piercer business card

Accordionist, Pianist, One Man Show Entertainer

accordionist business card

Lawn Mower

lawn mowing business card

Real Estate Broker

real estate broker business card

Auto Broker

auto broker business card


retired business card

lloyd retired business card

Joke business cards

gary ivey business card

parking business card

technology genius business card

rebound guy business card

ufo expert business card

ww green business card

mariner extraordinaire business card

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