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Looking for work is like being a salesman. Success is a result of your ability to sell your number 1 product - You - to interested buyers. It's hard work, but what if you could avoid it by having the buyers come looking for the product instead? What if the jobs came to you? Enter JobMobber Profiles, the next step in how you can help and get helped by the JobMob Community.


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These were the most-read articles posted on JobMob over the month of March 2007 according to FeedBurner’s Site Statistics: 371 Reads - Jacob Richman’s 2007 CJI Salary Survey Results Now…

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The Secret To Finding Dream Jobs

The Dream Job. The one that you never want to end. The one that you would love. The one that you've never had and may never have. Until now. In Theory Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it Flashback. When I was a teenager growing up in Montreal, I loved baseball. A friend and I would try to see as many games as possible each summer, and every time we went to the stadium to watch our favorite team (the now-defunct Expos), we would rave about what work must be like as a batboy, the next best thing to actually being a player. Being a batboy was our dream job at that time, a job we would have done for free paid to do. The fact is that we saw only one facet of that job - the batboy helping the players during the game - and that if we'd known his entire job description including all the time he spends cleaning, polishing and shining, we would have set our hearts elsewhere.


How To Get Hired As A (fill in here)

Over at wait till I come!, Christian Heilmann recently wrote about how to write a proper CV and get hired as a web developer. He opens with a disclaimer explaining how his tips are really only for prospective web developers and that 'they will probably not work for other professions involved in web development' but I think he's selling himself short. As someone who also has hired web developers, I think that aside from a few skimmable details, his tips are useful for any jobhunter. Let's take a look.


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