A look at the job search trends, including some surprising ones, among students and graduates in 2010.

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7 student job search trends in 2010

This randomly-ordered list was compiled by an informal survey of university & college career centers across North America. An Israeli version is in the making.

7. Avoiding the job search for now

“More… students are contemplating going straight to grad school because of the lack of employment opportunities.”

6. Taking non-career entry-level jobs

“Students who do go straight to work force are having to settle for entry level jobs that might not require a degree to get their foot in the door. That is because people who are over-qualified are filling the typical entry-level college positions.”

5. Campus involvement is leading to jobs

“Students who get involved on campus, and make an effort to prepare themselves, get the job/internship.”

4. Entitlement

“There are students who think that graduating entitles them to a management type of position or… who misunderstand the concept of hard work and moving UP the ladder”

3. Not knowing how to job search

“Many students aren't aware of where to look for jobs (other than Monster) and… aren't grasping the concept of (person to person) networking – not easy for 21 year olds.”

2. Using social media

On the other hand, students are definitely using social networking (social media) to look for jobs online.

1. Relying on family as much as possible

Finally, students are relying on family and close personal friends to help with their job search, which you'd expect.

Meanwhile, graduates are looking for work close to home so as to save money by putting off a move into their own rented apartment.

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