Gen-Y Career and Workplace Expert and bestselling author Lindsey Pollak explains how the keys to student job search success might be through your local coffee shop.

And a lot of what she says rings true for other job seekers as well.

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Lindsey Pollak

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She's been there

I always appreciate when an expert also struggled in the past with the same problems they're trying to help you with now, and that's one of the reasons why I appreciated talking with Lindsey.

Podcast highlights

  • The common job search mistake that Lindsey also made when she graduated from college.
  • How working with a career coach can help your job search.
  • Take advantage of college career services centers, free for currently-enrolled students or graduates.
  • Where else to find free job search expertise.
  • How to spend your days while job searching to build momentum.
  • Network by talking to people around you. Be socially active.
  • Why it's better to be volunteering or interning or working “at the bottom” than not working at all.
  • What is Generation Y and what's different about it, whether in the US, China or anywhere else.
  • How entry-level jobs can be valuable in general, and in a recession specifically.

Lindsey's book

Getting From College To Career

Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World is where Lindsey explains in detail everything that students and graduates need to make the best jump into their careers straight out of college or university. I have to admit that I haven't read it yet myself, but if the podcast interview is any indicator, the book will be packed with action tips (er…90 of them…).

Here are some reviews about the book:

A well-written, lively and easy to follow guide. (

Perfect for today's students, who inevitably want what they want (and only that!) when they want it. (Campus Career Advisor)

Pollak's thorough research reveals some startling facts that the modern job-searcher may be overlooking. (Metro New York)

Buy Getting From College To Career now

Where to find out more about Lindsey Pollak

The Lindsey Pollak Career Blog is at You can follow her on Twitter at @lindseypollak and she also podcasts regularly.

MP3 Download

Download the MP3 [ 29 Minutes – 43 MB ]

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