Now which is your favorite?

In Round 1 of the voting, Concept 1 came out strongly with the win, gaining 66% of the vote. That was actually its lowest showing, after initially trending over 80%.

With your many email and blog comments in hand, the guys over at Emske have returned with some followup variations.

Below are 3 new takes in addition to the Round 1 Winner. Browse them all and then vote in the poll at the bottom, just like last time.

And also just like last time – send in your helpful suggestions and detailed feedback, or just a quick reaction. You can see we're listening 🙂 Leave a comment for that.

Round 2 Concept 1 – Double Bubble

double bubble


This was the most requested variation in all of the feedback, for 2 reasons:

  1. It more closely resembles the current JobMob logo
  2. The double bubble reminds you of conversation and discussion


Round 2 Concept 2 – Inner Bubble

Inner Bubble


Some people didn't like the squeezed or ‘mobbed' bubble in the Round 1 Winner, so here's a different take with a comment bubble in the ‘o'.


Round 2 Concept 3 – Flipped Bubble

Flipped Bubble


This variation is based on a request to show more clearly that the conversations here are within the Mob i.e. the JobMob Community, so join in too.


Round 1 Winner

original concept round 1 winner


This was the winner of Round 1, and served as the basis for the variations here above. If you still think it's best choice, vote for it again.

From Emske:

In this logo concept, we tried to keep the bubble from the current JobMob logo. Why? Because we think that you have a strong brand and a lot of people associate JobMob with these comment bubbles, and creating something 100% different is not good move.

In this design our main assumptions are: simplicity, professionalism, reference to the current logo and little dose of humour. The logo is simple with the bubble being ‘mobbed' between the “M” and “b” letters.

Have your say!

  • Round 1 Winner (47%, 28 Votes)
  • Round 2 Concept 1 - Double Bubble (29%, 17 Votes)
  • Round 2 Concept 2 - Inner Bubble (19%, 11 Votes)
  • Round 2 Concept 3 - Flipped Bubble (7%, 4 Votes)
Started: October 21, 2014 @ 3:35 pm

Total Voters: 59

Voting has now closed.

Don't forget to explain your vote or make suggestions: leave a comment for that.

Thank you for your help and thanks to everyone over at Emske.

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