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Ignorance is not bliss.

People who know nothing often operate in darkness. Life in darkness holds no benefit to the individual or the community at large, and staying in darkness of ignorance makes you feel life is a constant struggle. It gives the impression something must be wrong with you. Meanwhile in absolute terms, nothing is wrong with you at all.

It is your ignorance and your inability to know how to switch the light on in your career or profession that is the key to life's struggle.

The world of career and professional progress requires a certain amount of light for you to get noticed. How far and bright that you can shine the light will determine your influence.

Many operate with sixty watts while others – through knowledge and wisdom – are using hundreds of thousands watts. The difference in energy level will show in the darkness: with sixty watts, you can command a level of attention, but with a thousand watts, you will lead your field until someone with a higher capacity shows up.

As professionals, we have to know that no matter the level of struggle we are presently facing, light overcomes darkness. We won't need to beg, but we will start commanding attention based on the level of light we are shining around the workplace.

It is an open secret that everyone can make a choice in this regard. Unlike the electric bulb whose effect is seen immediately, personal branding requires certain foundations which may not be visible at the initial stage, but these foundations need to be in place. This has to do with a personal determination on choice of profession, which is also a product of personal analysis of your skills and what thrills you work-wise. Without this, even if you switch on hundreds of thousands of watts, you will get no result.

With this foundation laid, let us now examine five ways you can increase the strength of your professional bulb.

1) Avoid unhealthy competition

Competition is good in life. But the best competition you can win is to first begin to compete with your own internal resources.

It has been said that the brightest of all humans use less than 20% of the real stuff they are made of. If this is true, it means many of us are not using even 10% of our potential at all. The way to start competing with your own potential is by placing a demand on it.

On the other hand, external competition is to find out what your competitors are doing. With caution; never engage in a dirty battle- it destroys your brand and professional career more. Have standards and know what your values are before you compete.

2) Be generous with sharing

‘No one cares how much you know' is a popular cliché. Be the guy who helps as many people as much as you can. Your influence will be limited to how many people you are able to make better. Share knowledge, connect people. Be the go-to guy when people need help in your niche. This has a ripple effect.

3) Be natural, be believable

You gain nothing by having a fake brand. You lose more when you are acting a part. Your personality must be allowed to manifest. Try placing a fish on dry land and expecting it to swim, then you will understand the reality better.

4) Never belittle anyone

Many have the attitude of looking down on certain individuals based on their present rung of the ladder of progress. That is the greatest mistake you can make. Tides do turn and it may be too late to correct a bad impression. By whatever means, give everyone their respect. It cost you nothing, but it does bring you valuable returns.

5) Be sure your “electrical” connections are working perfectly

Have you seen what happens when there is a bad connection in your electrical appliances? The effects of a short circuit can be destructive. A person may be electrocuted or suffer unimaginable physical damage. The same goes for the relationships you build along the way. Be sure there is perfect alignment with your values and design. If the experience is anything else, you may live with regret for the rest of your life.

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