“I'm looking forward to looking back on all of this.”

~ Sandra Knell

Taking stock

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As our achieved accomplishments accelerate,
We can account for our accumulated lives:
What have we acquired in the way we have acted?
Is it all a real advance, or a mere adjustment.

In short, what is it that we advocate for others and us?
Do we anticipate problems or seek to get approval?
On the way, do we affect others positively and alert them?
And what are our life arrangements, at what price assigned?

More important than money is to be balanced,
To attain a good name by actual personal integrity,
This is not bought in the business market, nor calculated
To capture the quality we need to broaden our vision
In order to champion real, truthful changes and check them.

True it is that we can live in a closed world, perhaps.
To coach ourselves only to our own needs and goals.
Yet, looking at all things combined, this is not to be commended,
We need to communicate, cement relations, and create goodness.

As we employ our energies, enlist our resources
In so many ways, we need to ensure basic decency.
Before we finalize, we must take the final account
And this is not only the bottom dollar line.
Take stock, therefore, as to how you function overall.

There is much to be gained by inspiring others well.

About the Author

Hayim Abramson, Ph.D., is a teacher currently teaching Jewish studies and Jewish History in Jerusalem and also Spanish over the telephone at (+972) 02 9975433. He writes poetry in English and Spanish.

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