Craigslist is a popular place to post free jobs listings. Sometimes the job titles are pretty funny. Here are 51 funny job listings from the site for your pun-filled enjoyment.

Word Sell Gas Car Wash

This article was inspired by Word Sell’s Cartoon-Inspired Group Writing Project that I discovered on Group Writing Projects.

When I saw the message on the gas pump, I first thought of all these funny resume blunders. Since Robyn – another blogger in this group writing project – already mentioned them in her hysterical post, I decided to compile this funny job titles list.

Funny Job Titles

Update 25/09/09: when I blogged this article, all the funny job titles linked to real postings on Craigslist. As time passed, Craigslist removed the old postings, breaking all my links so I've removed them. Believe me though, those were the real titles used. Enjoy!

  1. experienced bra fitter – I bet they had trouble finding candidates for this one.
  2. PlayStation Brand Ambassador – please report to your residence in the United States of Nintendo.
  3. Eyebrow Threading – I REALLY hope this has something to do with dolls.
  4. Administraive/ Secretary – ok, ok, we get it. It's clear where you need help.
  5. Finish Carpenter – for when the Start Carpenter gets tired.
  6. Helpdesk Technician @ Pentagon – “Uh, hello? I'm having a problem with this missile…”
  7. Nail Tech – so nails can be pretty complicated…
  8. Remedy Engineer – aren't those called “doctors”?
  9. Saltlick Cashier – new trend in the equestrian industry. Ok, enough horsing around.
  10. Molecular Biologist II – when Molecular Biologist I gets promoted.
  11. Breakfast Sandwich Maker – we also got one of these recently.
  12. Hotel Housekeepers – why can't they just say ‘hotelkeepers'?
  13. Preschool Teacher #4065 – either that's a really big school or they've got robot teachers.
  14. glacéau drop team – for a new sport at the Winter Olympics: ice-water spilling.
  15. PLUMMER/ELECTRICIAN – get a dictionary/thesaurus first.
  16. DoodyCalls Technician – they really shouldn't put down janitors like that.
  17. Golf Staff – and here I thought they were called clubs.
  18. Pressure Washers – what's next, heat cleaners?
  19. Sandwich Artist – another “Jesus in my food” wannabe.
  20. Self Storage Manager – this is for self storage?
  21. Qualified Infant Caregiver – too bad for all the unqualified caregivers on the list.
  22. Ground Support – but there's just more dirt under there.
  23. Gymboree Teacher – the hardest part is not burning your hands sliding down the pole.
  24. COMMERCIAL space hunter – so they did find animals further out in the cosmos? Who knew.
  25. JOB COACH – if they're unemployed when they get to you, what does that say about them?
  26. KIDS KAMP INSTRUCTOR! – no spelling ability required.
  27. POOLS SUPERVISOR – “yeah, they're still wet…”
  28. HOUSE MANAGER/TEEN SUPERVISOR – see the dictionary under P, for Parent.
  29. Licensed Seamless Gutter Contractor – just sounds bad.


Funny Job Listings

  1. Drive Around Round Rock and get paid!! – seems simple enough.
  2. Landscaping Labor – the new Green Party.
  3. ROCKSTAR DEVELOPER – and you thought only American Idol was manufactured.
  4. Wine & Spirits retail store looking for partime help – maybe they should stop drinking their merchandise first.
  5. Attractive, Busy Professional Seeks Very Attractive Personal Assistant – sounds one-sided to me
  6. The Perfect Nanny Needed – Didn't Ms. Doubtfire retire when the movie ended?
  7. You might want to work with us forever – depends on your health plan.
  8. I WANT TO HIRE YOU ON AT $500 PER DAY – what happens at the end of that day?
  9. Where Are You? – right here. Where are *you*?
  10. RUTH'S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE – it's gonna be a long night for poor Chris.
  11. BURNING BONZAI Server Needed – Bonzai server + matches = voila!
  12. Part Time Dog Walker Needed! – wait, what's the full-time dog walker doing?
  13. Secret Shoppers Needed In Hollywood Hot Spots ASAP!!!! – oh great. You weren't supposed to tell anyone!
  14. The easiest “SALES JOB” – EVER GONE FISHING WITH DYNAMITE? – uh, “NO”.
  15. SUPERINTENDED NEEDED – Superintended left already. She had stuff to take care of.
  16. Terramar Walnut Creek Seeks Front of House Manager! – no deal, I can only manage the back of the house.
  17. Part-time Quick Books – last time I checked they were books full-time.
  18. I Wish I Could Hire Everyone – better start looking for a really big office.
  19. Get Paid to Wave and Dance!!!! – This is one job I can do for free!
  20. Wanted: Happy Person – would that be “in your face happy”, “perky happy” or just plain happy?
  21. NATURAL PET STORE – the fake pet store is one street over from there.
  22. We Can't Afford 8 More Years. Help Elect Democrats in November – talk about a pessimist. They already think that the Democrats will lose again twice more.

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Jacob Share

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  1. Brad Shorr

    Jacob, too funny! If you can avoid all these, you’ve probably got yourself a solid job.

  2. Simon Dance

    Jacob, too funny! If you can avoid all these, you’ve probably got yourself a solid job.

  3. Liza R

    Are you familiar with the site Craigslist Curmudgeon ( It’s a fabulous blog highlighting some of the more bizarre and ridiculous writing-related Craigslist postings. It’s hilarious!

  4. Jacob Share

    I’d never heard of it but I’ve now bookmarked it. Good find, Liza

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  6. Jill

    I’m not sure why ‘experienced bra fitter’ is funny.

  7. Jacob Share

    Jill, a lot of these titles aren’t funny if you know what the job really is, but if you take a step back, you’ll see the humor in it. After all, these were all real job listings on Craigslist once upon a time.

  8. Melissa

    Wow, thanks for posting – it was a great laugh! 🙂 I love random lists like this – hysterical! I think my fav was “Saltlick Cashier”.

    I came across this by doing a Craigslist search via Google and the title totally drew me in! I actually just read another random Craigslist blog, it was about random postings from people – so funny and real, which is almost kind of crazy!

    Check it out, you may enjoy it or get another idea from it, such as this one! 🙂

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  9. alphadork

    “Ruth’s Chris” is the name of a steak house chain. My understanding is that the founder (Ruth) named it after her son (Chris). Soooo, I’m not sure why that one is funny … other than that it’s kind of a weird business name in the first place.

  10. Jacob Share

    alphadork- you know what they say about having to explain jokes…

    What I found funny was the idea of a restaurant selling “Chris steaks” i.e. steaks made from a guy named Chris.

  11. andy

    Finish carpenter may be Finnish carpenter, just a thought

  12. Ralph Jones

    These advertisements really cracked me up, it seems now there are many websites that are showing up all these ads that just make you go WTH? The casual encounter section sometimes has ads that just literally shock you.

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  14. Kate

    “Hotel Housekeepers – why can’t they just say ‘hotelkeepers’?”

    That’s not really funny. There’s nothing to tell you whether “housekeeper” means “someone who cleans and possibly cooks in my home” or “someone who cleans hotel rooms”, so adding “hotel” makes perfect sense.

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  16. Pingback: Jo

  17. Really?

    Whoever did this is a complete idiot. Some of these are funny sounding but are real jobs.Dumbass.

  18. Jay

    Finish Carpenter. – Really? Must you assume it is wrong? Yes, certainly people can post some stupid things on the ‘list’ but don’t be so quick to assume THEY are the unintelligent ones…

    A Finishing Carpenter focuses on ‘finishing’ work. IE – the small details at the end of a build, filling in holes, cutting unique pieces etc. Basically, not necessarily a framer.

    Someone said – maybe FInnish? Jesus, think before you post people.

    Self Storage Manager… You had to ask…’self’? Yes, you dummy, there are warehouses that allow people to ‘self’ store their goods. This person is obviously a manager of one such place.

    – Take your hand, slap your face. Apologize to yourself and then move on with your life – just be smarter.

  19. Mark

    These are dumb. didn’t even crack a smile. Nail Tech? how’s that funny…that’s what they’re called. Administrative/Secretary? HA? no…it’s keyword use….eyebrow threading? That’s a real thing that is very common…Job Coach? You’re just jealous you don’t have that job because it actually pays really well!…this is just dumb…yawn.

  20. tommy kay

    What about any of this is funny? Why would you spend this much time writing this stuff? Please get a job, no matter what it’s called.

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  22. Savvy

    I’m surprised eyebrow threading is on this list. Once I saw that, I didn’t bother to look at the others. Maybe it’s not common where you live, but eyebrow threading has been around for a very long time… people literally use a thread to remove eyebrow hair then shape it. It’s better than waxing. xD;

  23. Pingback: Let’s just say…. « Leftovers from Friday

  24. c


  25. ariana perales

    that stuff was really jobs but just gross

  26. ariana perales

    yeah all this stuff is gross and plus you are all weird


    I love your COMICS and I LOVE WOMEN!

  28. Rich

    Thanks for the great laugh, my BIL is a cartoonist and thinks you are VERY funny. Thanks again.

  29. asifurrahmansunny

    i need a usa job lead buyer asap plz if there is any one just mail me with buyer skype id

  30. robthequeen87

    To be honest I think the ‘Kids Kamp’ is not a spelling mistake but rather a play on words to reflect the business name and to look ‘cool’ so the camp appeals to children more.

    Furthermore, to suggest that this is even a spelling mistake suggests to me that you are not very quick off the mark.

    On the other hand though some of them were quite funny

  31. J. Paul

    So you basically made a long list of things you’re ignorant about? The fact that you don’t know what extraordinarily common and simple job titles mean isn’t comical. It’s kind of depressing and, in a few cases, insulting.

    I mean, come on…you don’t know what a pressure washer or self-storage is?

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