First Jobs Blog for Students in Israel

In February 2007, a recruiter at one of Danel HR‘s branches began blogging job openings for university students. Noy Zelig is Danel's in-house representative at the Ruppin Academic Center near Netanya in Emek Hefer, and she has also written a useful guide for students on how to enter the job market (Hebrew).

The new Hebrew blog is called Danel, Working With A Smile. Although aimed at students, the listings should interest other people too. The design is currently missing the official Danel logo so perhaps the blog is only an experiment, but to my knowledge this is the first attempt by an Israeli recruiter to use blogs (please correct me if I'm wrong), and I hope others follow suit.

Keep up the good work, Noy!

I've added the blog's RSS feed to the Ultimate RSS Feed Collection for the Israeli Job Seeker and the JobMob Bloglines account.

22/04/07 Update – it now appears that a different Israeli recruiting company has bragging rights to the first Israeli HR blog, but Noy's blog is still the first of its kind for students in Israel.


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