I recently blogged that Danel, Working With A Smile may have been the first blog by an Israeli recruiter. I have now discovered that an Israeli HR company called Iron Moznayim actually started a Blogli blog less than a week before Noy Zelig published her first post at the beginning of February 2007.

Iron Moznayim is a human resources company based in Haifa. The Iron Moznayim blog shares the same style as Noy's blog for Danel; there are some job search tips but it is mostly oriented towards publishing job listings. The company seems to have tested its blog for just that purpose with a burst of activity at the end of January but since then- nothing. I'll try contacting them for an update in the comments.

In hopes that the IM blog becomes active again, I've added its RSS feed to the Ultimate RSS Feed Collection for the Israeli Job Seeker and the JobMob Bloglines account.

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  2. rogel dias

    I just started to make a blog on freeware Human Resources software in order to help new employers, starting businesses, small companies, … to streamline their Human Resources Department without spending money for those resources they might need.
    As a HR-manager and SAP HR certified consultant I add weekly an interesting freeware software dealing with HR-issues.

  3. Jacob Share

    Hi Rogel, thanks for announcing your blog here, I just subscribed. Good luck with it.

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