Top cartoonists from around the web share their best job search material.

Vintage toy man head
Photo by Scott Webb

I reached out to cartoonists all over the world who have done panels about job hunting before and asked them for their favorite work, drawn by them.

Here are the hilarious results…

Rob Denbleyker

rob denbleyker

Mark Anderson

mark anderson

Arbit Choudhury

arbit choudhury



Dan Wasserman

dan wasserman

Fran Orford

fran orford

Piero Tonin

piero tonin

Vikram Madan

vikram madan

Antonio Branco

antonio branco

Matt Daigle

matt daigle

Jeff Berry

jeff berry

Leigh Rubin

leigh rubin

John Vogel

deadbeat chick wont leave nest

Question of the article

Which is your favorite job search cartoon? Want to suggest a cartoonist for the list? Tell us in the comments.

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  2. Cheryl Mathis

    My favorite, “Because they are trying to find out the answer themselves!”
    Hey Jacob! I pray all is well with you!

  3. Dolores Priegnitz

    Love it – “A Mirror?”

    1. Jacob Share

      That’s definitely my kind of humor too, Dolores

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