SQLink Group‘s gotfriends? job referral program is growing in size and in shekels. After hitech openings, they have now branched into finance-oriented positions. GotFriends Finance is the name of the recruitment company managing this new program and they want to pay for your leads.

A successful referral program?

CarrotI initially told you about the gotfriends? program a few weeks ago when it opened its arms to the Israeli hitech community and its job seekers. Judging from their official blog (Hebrew), the program has become quite popular as they are somewhat overwhelmed by all the resumes received, especially those that are completely unrelated to any of the open positions. They're dealing with the issue and there seem to be enough good resumes to merit the rapid changes.

Another piece of good news is that the maximum bonus has now increased for many of the hitech openings to NIS 3000 (approximately $740 US or 545 €). Is making this carrot bigger a sign that too few quality people are following the stick? Only time will tell if more money brings in better candidates.

Who are GotFriends Finance?

GotFriends Finance is a new human resources company. Convenient choice of name, and I have a feeling that they are simply a division of an existing HR company created for the new program as an experiment. Another hint- unlike the hitech openings which are specific to SQLink Group, the finance positions are culled from other companies in Israel. Ultimately what matters is their ability to find you or your friends jobs in the Israeli finance sector.

A Good Deal

The JobMob-gotfriends? referral offer is still open, check all the details. Help yourself and your friends find work, make some money and JobMob donates to a worthy cause. Good luck!

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