By the handFinding good people is expensive for companies, can take a lot of time and is just a hard thing to do. Competition in a hot market like Israel's hitech industry only increases these recruitment difficulties. Which is why companies need to think creatively, as SQLink is doing with their Refer-A-Friend program.

Refer-A-Friend programs are a way that companies show a vote of confidence in their staff. The logic is as follows – if a company believes it has recruited quality employees, and quality employees want to work with their quality friends, then companies can recruit new quality employees from those quality friends. Everybody wins – the company fills its positions, the newly-hired friends are happy to join and and the referring employees celebrate with their friends and feel satisfaction at having helped their friends and their employer (or so the company hopes).

gotfriends?SQLink recently announced their gotfriends? (Hebrew) Refer-A-Friend program. Other companies have announced similar programs in the past – Amdocs comes to mind – but those programs are usually limited to current employees or people who have access to the company's intranet. On the other hand, the gotfriends program is open to anyone and is particularly well supported by its own website which allows you to track your progress in detail and also that of other referrers via its leader board.

It's refreshing to see companies like SQLink showing such transparency and this is a strong motivational point to use their system as opposed to the usual fire-and-forget attitudes of other companies, where unless your friend actually tells you about getting hired, you may never know if the hiring company conveniently ‘forgot' to send you the referral bonus.

Speaking of referral bonuses: the gotfriends program rewards a direct referral with NIS 2500 per hire and indirect referrals earn NIS 500 per hire. If you send your CV and friends' CVs to JobMob, we will submit the CVs and if someone gets hired, JobMob WILL GIVE THE ENTIRE BONUS to the new hire upon payment by SQLink, regardless of whether it was a direct or indirect referral. JobMob keeps nothing. But wait, there's more!

Why should you use JobMob for the referral?

Sending the CVs to us is quicker than doing the referrals yourself and will save you the effort. Plus, for every new hire referred through JobMob, we will donate NIS 50 to Shmuel Meyer's computer gemach in Jerusalem as part of his quest to reach $10000. We'll let you decide if you want to match that donation or simply give on your own.

What does JobMob get in return?

Some recognition, and another opportunity to help people find jobs in Israel.

How do you participate?

Send your CV and friends' CVs to refer-me [at] We will forward the CVs right away and give you email confirmation for each CV referred, plus followups when the status of a referral changes. The program is currently limited to hitech positions only – Programmers, Systems Analysts, QA Engineers, Hardware Engineers, DBAs, Network Administrators and university students in any of these fields.

Thanks to A. Spanier for sending this along.

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  1. josh

    besides saving a bundle in hiring fees to headhunters and advertising, an additional logic is that the company, in general, has some sort of model that hey look for in employees (IQ for one characterisitc) – i.e. they want all employees to be from the the same homogeneous mold. The FBF assures a very high rate of friends bringing like people.

  2. Kate

    This is a lovely way to earn money. Really.

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