Top 105 Most Beautiful Company Logos in Job Search, Recruitment and Human Resources

Top 105 Beautiful Job Search Company Logos That Will Wow You

These are the most beautiful job search, human resources or recruiting company logos on the Web right now.

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The top company logos in job search


Recruiting Angel logo


Recruitment Juice logo



15Talents logo


HR Daily logo


InterviewUP logo


JobinTree logo


Experd logo


TalentEgg logo


TalentSpider logo


ROCS Staffing logo


Civicjobs logo


Tenth House logo


Rockstar Recruiting logo


Any Job Will Do logo


ECORecruiters logo


Adecco logo


Verbal summary logo


Duet Jobs logo


npost logo


Most Hired logo


Juju logo


Been Verified logo


JobWhisper logo


InternshipIN logo


mployd logo


Jobnob logo


Christian Jobs logo

#78 logo


Guru logo


Graduate Careers Australia logo


Akken logo

#74 logo


80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs logo


Resumebucket logo


conotes logo


Summum logo


Careers in Holland logo


Telecom Careers logo


Express Employment Professionals logo


iviioo logo


ngojobs LOGO


GradConnection logo


Green Jobs Online logo


Wisemen HR logo


Talential logo


Job Oversight logo


CareerScribe logo


HR Guru logo


Career Lighthouse logo


WirelessJobs logo


Hodes IQ logo


Jobkabob logo


Juicy Jobs logo


Company Explorers logo


LinkUp logo


Krop logo


Red Rocket Resumes logo


Preficia recruiting agency logo

#47 logo


Blue recruit logo


Game job hunter logo


HR Metrics logo


VisualCV logo


Jobs in Pods logo


Walton Search logo


Black Bag logo


Career Rocketeer logo


Neovillage logo


Career OneStop logo


Manpower logo


PeerHunters logo


HCareers logo


Glassdoor logo


Poseidon Jobs logo


HR World logo


Spotlight Recruitment logo


Boly:Welch logo


Personal Match logo

Designed by Liora Blum


jobsite logo


i-job logo


Muslim Jobs logo


Locum Leaders logo


LinkedIn logo


Canadian Job Force logo


Jobster logo


Admin Jobs in London logo


eggsprout logo


careereco logo


Go Offshore logo


Job Bound logo


knackbag logo


Jobfox logo


LA Staffing logo


temporary employment services logo


Indeed logo


Charter Staffing logo


Veterans Green Jobs logo


HR Matters logo


TalentTrader logo


JobAngels logo

#5 logo


iqx logo


Retired Brains logo


Clearleaf Recruitment Services logo


Hoot Recruitment logo

Bonus job search logos

More nice company logos discovered since I originally posted this article:


Springraise company logo


Jobmarket company logo

Special thanks to Jessica Meher for her many suggestions in the list.

What's your favorite company logo? Tell us in the comments.

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Top 105 Beautiful Job Search Company Logos That Will Wow You says

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Richard says

You forgot some of the coolest logos –

Liora Blum says

Well done, this is a collection of beautifully-designed logos, most of them with well thought-out concepts. It’s an honor to have made it to the list 🙂

Dina says

Nice work in compiling a great group of recruiting company logos! One superior logo that I would recommend being added to your list can be found at

Eggsprout Logo is Beautiful :) « Eggsprout blog says

[…] the top 105 most beautiful job search logos by Job Mob.  You can find the listing of logos on the Job Mob blog.  In our logo, the egg represents the potential of each job seeker and the sprout represents […]

Thomas Shaw says

Great list. Would love to know how you compiled the list? Was there an entry form?

Jacob Share says

Liora and Dina- thanks for the compliments.

Thomas- thanks as well. The list took over 6 months of gradual compilation as I bookmarked sites with logos I liked, and then ranked them once I decided the list was long enough.

Richard Dryden says

check out our logos too and

Kelly Magowan says

An novel concept and an interesting mix of logos of varying aesthetic appeal! You missed the Six Figures Logo which though I am biased is pleasing to the eye and is animated, with a lovely shimmer created by one of special affects designers for the movie The Matrix. Most importantly it was designed to show the unity of employers working with job seekers, an equal and flowing relationship. The image was inspired by one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic modern sculptures “Bird in space” by Constantini Brancusi’s

Dennis Kaminsky says

Now my favorite logo is =)

Jessica M says

This is a “wow” list! Great job, and thanks for including Akken!

Sachin S says

Nice and colorful. Like this logo on this portal Job site for genuine candidates. Include this in your list.

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Alvalyn Lundgren says

A nice collection. But I’m wondering what your criteria are for “beautiful”. Aesthetic principles? Personal taste? Focus group response?

Jacob Share says

Alvalyn – personal taste, mostly. A lot of the logos in the job sphere aren’t very creative, and that’s putting it lightly. These have at least some spark to them, and some of them are just terrific.

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Manuel says

We are very honored that we made it on to this list. 🙂

Luke Southwell says

Such colorful logos. Definitely the logos can capture the customers attention.

Denis Van Dien says

What an awesome list.
i really like the graduate job one.

Chris says

I’ve got to say that I am impressed at the diverse collection of logos. I should do something similar for my company. Thanks.

Kaci Brodfuehrer says

Hey there, firstly, I would like to let you know that I think it’s a excellent website you have here. What I wanted to ask is, I haven’t understood the way to include your web-site rss or atom in my rss subscriber, where’s the link to your RSS? Many thanks

    Jacob Share says

    Kaci- you can subscribe to the JobMob RSS feed at, or you can click the ‘Updates via RSS’ link in the upper right-hand corner of every JobMob page.

Chris says

Does anyone know which (if any) of the above sites are Sales focussed?

– Saves me clicking through 107 url’s.

Thanks, Chris

Reply | James Young Visual Design @jydesign says

[…] The logo was listed as #5 in JobMob’s “Top 105 Beautiful Job Search Company Logos That Will Wow You“ […]

Alexander J. Szikla says

I’m glad to see that this site has organized sites for job seekers actively searching for careers in such a great way!

Kate says

I don’t think recruiting company logos are going to make head hunting companies among the most recognizable brands any time soon.

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