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The JobMob Guest Blogging Contest was announced July 4th, 2007 and officially began with the first guest article on July 17th. 5 weeks and 6 entries later, we have our winner.

Let's take a look at the final standings.

Drumroll, please…

Final Results

  1. Sue Tourkin-Komet's Surprising Correlation Found Between Unemployment and Divorce: 145 unique visitors.
  2. Yehuda's 3 Job Myths for Immigrant Lawyers in Israel: 81 unique visitors and 1 tie-breaking link.
  3. Joyce Babu's How To Ace A Walk-in Panel Job Interview: 75 unique visitors and 2 tie-breaking links.
  4. Ferdinand Reinke's Do You Create Value?: 37 unique visitors.
  5. Philip's Why I Decided Not to Look for a Job From Outside Israel: 30 unique visitors.
  6. Isabella Mori's Do You Need Help Writing A Resume?: 28 unique visitors and 1 tie-breaking link.

Congratulations, Sue

I'd like to thank all of the participants for their time and efforts. Every submission had something special, unique and enjoyable. It was interesting to see how some people (ie. Sue, Philip) tried to give advice with a healthy dose of humor, while others went straight to the point with their real-life experiences and lessons to share.

In a few days, I'll publish the best articles for the month of August 2007 and you'll see that some of the other contestants continue to get visitors even now that the contest is over.

Thanks again!

Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  1. Sue Tourkin Komet

    Well, I am just blown away that I won a hundred bucks as a FreeLance Writer in a Blogging Writer’s Contest over, of course, The InterNet.
    Gee, never too late to try out as a “cheer-leader” and get on The Team! I am almost old enough to be The GrandMother of a CheerLeader, but am glad to remain youthful enough to have danced up a storm with all the 20-year-old young ladies at a wedding tonight–really in truly.
    And first and foremost, thanks to JACOB SHARE for SHARING some of The Wealth with us all and for his generosity in luring us participants into The Contest, and for us contestants luring “our” readers onto, or is it, into, this new website.
    So I say, a hearty Mazal Tov to JacobSHARE for giving me a SHARE of the wealth that he has to SHARE with me and with humanity. Kol Tuv,
    authoress of “Amazing Correlations Between UNemployment and Divorce”
    and Shanna Tova to Jacob, to all of the readership, and to all of Am Yisrael, and to all mankind/womankind in the whole world and beyond, in the universe.

  2. Joyce Babu

    Congrats! Sue

    It was a nice post.

  3. Sue Tourkin Komet

    Todah Rabbah, Hebrew for ”Thanks Very Much” to the ”therapydoc” and to Joyce Babu.
    I went onto the “therapydoc” ‘s blog which looked most illuminating but I was not able to ascertain his name, but able to easily see he is in The Windy City in Mid-West USA.
    Is the therapydoc able to reveal his real name in public on this blog?
    2ndly, I see an interesting looking yellow-white-and green flag symbol for Joyce Babu’s entry–but I confess–I canNOT guess which nation that represents. Is Joyce Babu willing to state her country?
    And in both cases, HOW did you find THIS blog, and what is especially helpful or nice in my essay?
    I wish for more specific info.,because I’m a social scientist after all with many years experience in ISRAEL.
    Thanks for your attention and your responses.

  4. Joyce Babu

    It is not Yellow-White-Green. It is Saffron-White-Green. I am from India. Hover your mouse over the flag, there is a tooltip showing the country name.

    BTW, its not her. Its him. You are not the first person who got confused my name. It happens almost everyday.

    I liked your post because it was fun to read. Do you have a blog?

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