Here are some of the questions I've been asked about my new Midlife Job Finders course. You'll find my answers beneath them.


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M.D. asked:

What are your qualifications? How have you devised this ‘course’? What are the success rates of your former members? How is the course administered and given ie materials, suggestions, links, etc.


My qualifications are that I’ve been teaching job search for years on JobMob, at events and to private coaching clients. You can see recommendations from some of them on my LinkedIn profile, such as:

Jacob is the perfect career coach, his attention for being a detailed oriented coach with the abundance of knowledge and understanding to get anyone the exact career that they want to obtain. Jacob has the ability to understand the needs of the individual and also know how the career matches their talents. I would absolutely recommend Jacob for career coaching.

The content of the course is a combination of the strategy I teach and solutions to common problems I’m hearing from midlife job seekers based on a number of surveys I’ve done with my readers. The format of the course (multimedia lessons, biweekly calls, etc.) is based on successful online courses I’ve taken or have seen elsewhere. Also, it’s important to mention again that founders’ input will be critical and that a feature of Midlife Job Finders is that as a first version of the course, there’s a lot more flexibility so changes can be made as we go to better correspond to the founding members' needs.

The course will be divided into 6 modules of midlife job search topics, and each module will be divided into short lessons taught over video, with accompanying audio, transcripts, slides. Each module will also have homework, and a dedicated discussion forum for followup questions and answers.

There will be other forums, such as an accountability forum whose purpose is to motivate you to take action and move forward, and there will be 4 bi-weekly consulting calls, where you can get answers from me one on one.

Throughout the course, there will be updates from our live case studies, so you can see how other people like you are applying the lessons in the real world.

All course materials will be available for download, or you can follow online via computer, tablet or smartphone.


K.F. asked:

Has anyone been through this program and been successful? What really makes this different than all of the other courses?  How are you different from content on other job search sites X and Y?


Midlife Job Finders is a brand new course, so no one has been through it, but the lessons will be based on the strategy and techniques I've been teaching for years on JobMob and to private coaching clients, who have been successful.

Midlife Job Finders will teach through video-based lessons, accessible online, on your smartphone or by download, accompanied by discussion forums for followup conversation and support. In addition to the main course content, the two recent contest winners will serve as live case studies so founders can watch how they apply the lessons in the real world. There will also be bi-weekly, private coaching calls when founders can ask me questions live. There will be 4 such calls (at least), so I'm purposely limiting the course to 50 people only.

And I have a few other ideas to try with founders, but I don't want to overwhelm you. However…

There is something very unique about Midlife Job Finders in its first iteration: the course isn't finished, and that's intentional. I want founding members' feedback on the content, format and features of the course so that I can tailor it for the best learning experience and subsequent results. As I said earlier:

Anyway, when the course launches PUBLICLY,  I want to make absolutely sure that the forums are already populated with good content, that the membership software works flawlessly, that the server won't crumble under user load, and that the helpdesk software I'm using integrates smoothly with the rest of the site.

In a nutshell, I want to make sure that every possible kink has been ironed out.

So because I need your active help to make the course the best it can be for an eventual, wider public launch, I'm heavily discounting the price for founders to the reasonable $97 and keeping the group to a compact 50 motivated people for the best experience possible.


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