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Reduce Your Stress to Land Your Next Job

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Conquer your job search nerves with these proven techniques

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Please take a deep breath.

Are you ready to do it?

Does looking for a new job scare you? Does it make your heart race? Are you feeling like you are stuck? Learn how to conquer those fears. Understand how to reduce your stress by taking a deep breath and developing your “relaxation response.” Invest 30 minutes of your time to learn how to effectively relax and be productive with your job search. Calm your interview nerves and be ready to successfully answer those crazy interview questions. This workshop is guided by a respiratory therapist. Participate at your own pace, and come away refreshed and confident.
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  6. Please plan to arrive a little early to ensure that you are able to access the online meeting.
  7. If you are having trouble logging in - - DON’T PANIC - try calling into the meeting using the phone number that is emailed to you along with your meeting access link.
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Virtual event

Date: Friday, August 14, 2020
Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Timezone: UTC-5 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: Free

Full event details: Reduce Your Stress to Land Your Next Job

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