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Recession-Proof Job Search Strategies to Beat the Competition

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This free webinar will teach winning strategies to secure more interviews and land your dream job amidst this recession.

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, the average corporate job attracted over 250 applicants per opening. In today's deepening recession, the competition is growing fiercer than ever as the number of job vacancies shrink, and the growing wave of layoffs create many more competitors.

In this environment, the only way to succeed is to search smarter than your competition. Fortunately, most of your peers waste dozens of hours applying with minimal results because they were never taught the rules of the job search game, or how to win it.

Many never learn what hiring managers look for, how to position their experience, how employers hire, what mistakes most candidates make, where to invest time, or which application strategies actually work. Without this knowledge, job searches can easily stall – leading to frequent disappointment and rejection.

But ambitious applicants who invest in their job search skills can dramatically improve their outcomes and land positions offering greater job satisfaction, higher salaries, and an accelerated career trajectory. A successful job search can change your life.

Attend this 60-minute job search masterclass to learn the proven strategies you need to win in your job search, and to advance your career to the next level.

This free webinar will answer challenging questions like:

  • How can you discover which position or career path is best for you?
  • What proven best practices in resume writing, interviewing, application strategy and salary negotiation will put you ahead of 90% of your peers?
  • What mistakes do most candidates make, and how can they be avoided?
  • What do most job seekers not understand about the hiring process that is holding them back?

Don't miss this opportunity to learn winning job search strategies that can serve you for the rest of your career!

About The Instructor:

Chris is the Founder and CEO of Accelerate Career Advisors, a career coaching firm empowering job seekers to achieve their professional ambitions. Before founding Accelerate, Chris spent 4 years in HR consulting, 6 years in marketing/advertising, and earned a Masters in Economics from Johns Hopkins University. After making three successful employer transitions and increasing his income by 160% in 5 years – Chris wanted to share the most important lessons he learned with others, and supplemented his experience with Career Coaching coursework from New York University.

Chris developed this webinar in response to the frequent blunders he observed from peers during the job search process. He believes in the power of a single job search to change your life, and has experienced how life-changing a successful transition can be. By bringing a strategic approach to navigating the job search process – Chris offers a fresh perspective on how to get ahead in today's competitive environment.

Virtual event

Date: Sunday, May 24, 2020
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Timezone: UTC+4 (check your local time here)

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Cost: Free

Full event details: Recession-Proof Job Search Strategies to Beat the Competition

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