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One-on-One Resume and Cover Letter Review and Coaching

All job seekers


I will review your documents and provide edits/comments, then we'll discuss how you can elevate your skills for any job interview.

About this Event

What is Included?

1. Review of your documents

Your cover letter and resume are the first things a prospective employer sees about you. In my review of your documents, I’m not only copy editing. I’ll also:

  • Provide comments on first impressions, layout, and readability so you stand out from the crowd; and
  • Suggest edits to make your language more impactful and more meaningful to readers.

You must send your resume and cover letter in .docx format to immediately after booking your “event” with me.

2. Half Hour Discussion

Our half hour call will be spent doing a deep dive into the why I’ve made the edits and comments I did on your documents, and going further by discussing:

  • How well your resume and cover letter “sell” you for the role you’re seeking;
  • Different resume or cover letter formats; and
  • How to use your resume and cover letter to stand out at an interview.

My expectations

Yes – I have expectations for you! To provide you with the best service for your time and money, I expect that:

  • You will send me Microsoft Word (.docx) copies of your most recent resume and cover letter immediatly after booking your time with me; and
  • You will come with an open mind and heart, prepared to receive kind guidance and constructive criticism.

Other Considerations

  • At this time I work on classic 2-page resumes and 1-page cover letters;
  • Whether your package needs to be “ATS” compliant or not will depend on the roles you are applying for; and
  • I am not simply a resume and cover letter writer. I am offering you value-added feedback on your documents that, if you are open to learning, will help you to better craft these documents yourself in the future. I will help you build your life skills, not simply re-write your documents.

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Virtual event

Date: Sunday, March 21, 2021
Time: 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Timezone: UTC-4 (check your local time here)

Registration required? Yes

Cost: $100

Full event details: One-on-One Resume and Cover Letter Review and Coaching

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