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Ignite your Career 2021- Online Taster Session

All job seekers


If you are looking for a new role, switching direction or relaunching your career then this programme is for you.

About this Event

The ‘Ignite your Career Coaching Programme’ is aimed at professional individuals looking for a new role, switching direction or relaunching their career. All the details can be found at

Come and join us at this taster session where you can meet the Coaches and dip into an exploration of your personal motivations and values to inform your next career move. You can also find out more about our 5 week programme commencing in January 2021.

More details about the full programme:

This series of four meetings over a 5 week programme will help you to think about the value you offer to a new employer; your transferable skills, your network and CV. Importantly we will also identify what makes you happy in your work.

The programme includes a two hour kick off Zoom session followed by three 90 minute Zoom calls plus a 45 minute one to one session with a Coach. In between sessions there will be preparatory work including written work, proactive career development and conversations with buddies. Rules for confidentiality will be agreed to ensure everyone is comfortable to discuss their individual situations.

Our objectives include:

1. To ultimately enable you to identify what you bring to an employer; your skills, experience, personality, attitude. Put simply, to recognise your value.

2. To invest time and thought into identifying the type of work and industry/type of organisation that you want to be part of

3. To build an action plan that is realistic, enjoyable and motivating

4. To boost a growth mindset and build confidence

5. To create a community and network that thrives on the content we provide, conversations we facilitate and a ‘drum beat' that keeps up your momentum.


Who are we?

We are Julie Williams and Deborah Jeffries at Lighting Fires, an Executive Coaching company based in Reading. We are qualified, experienced Executive Coaches with years of leadership under our belts at companies such as Thames Water, Accenture and Motability Operations.

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We are launching these workshops because we want each person to make intentional and life-giving career choices. We are also passionate about building communities which support their members as they journey together. Our approach is flexible and peppered with curiosity.

To book the full programme contact Julie at or Deborah at


Judith Clare, Senior Accountant at Mars Foods

I've attended Lighting Fires Back to Work with Confidence course after being out of the workplace for nearly 6 years. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to change their career direction, wants to rejoin the work force or who just needs someone to jumpstart their career objectives.

The course has

*encouraged me to consider ALL the career avenues open to me,

*helped me quantify the parameters to allow me to focus my job search,

*made me visualise my ideal job and

*supported me to plan my next steps at a micro level.


I've also come to realise that what I have achieved over the last 6 years has had value and can inform my future career path.


Julie never hesitates to question and challenge my thinking which has allowed me to move away from a negative mindset.

Catherine Roughan, Managing Director, Kidmore Recruitment

I attended a work shop over 4 weeks that Julie held to assist with getting back to work with confidence. I have my own fledgling business that I was trying to re-start, having been on maternity leave.

She helped me understand the limitations I was holding, which were logistical but also emotional. She helped me in attempting to overcome these and put processes in place to help eliminate them.

She challenged me on why I was finding aspects of my business difficult and how to over come those. During the weeks we were working together there was a significant leap forward in my productivity and success. I will definitely recommend her.

Virtual event

Date: Friday, December 4, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am
Timezone: UTC (check your local time here)

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