The Generous December group writing project is taking time out to recognize notable charities, social causes or otherwise helpful organizations. When it comes to finding jobs in Israel in 2007, the non-profit champion is Israemploy.

What is Israemploy?

Israemploy logo

Chaim Fox-Emmett founded the Israemploy charity in 2002 as a mailing list of Israeli job listings in English. In March 2006 after a year in development, his team replaced the mailing list with and its many services for job seekers, employers, charities and other organizations with recruiting needs.

How does Israemploy find you work?

Any job seeker can use the Israemploy search engine to find listings, but only paid members – donors to the charity – can view the full job descriptions and contact information during the initial 7-10 days after a position was posted on the site.

A nice touch for registered users of the website (free or paid) is that you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the results of any customized search so that you can follow personalized additions to the Israemploy job database via your favorite feed reader. If your inbox still has room you might prefer email alerts instead, and you can do that too.

Why do I like Israemploy?

  • Most of the staff are volunteers and work for Israemploy from around the globe, not just in Israel
  • is very practical and easy to use while catering to both English and Hebrew speakers
  • Since Israemploy is a charity, your membership dues are deductible from your income taxes while selflessly paying for Israemploy to continue helping other people find jobs too. It's win-win.

Try it out at

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Jacob Share

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  1. Kate

    Thanks Jacob. I can’t find independent confirmation that it is a registered charity in English, which has been pretty easy with all the other charities entered in the GWP.

    I have forwarded both the URLs to a Hewbrew-speaking lawyer friend of mine in Israel, so as soon as I get confirmation, I’ll include your entry.

  2. Jacob Share

    Sure thing, Kate. If it helps, their official registered charity number is in their footer.

  3. Rabi Timilsina

    Dear Sir

    I am pleased to read the entire things here. I am really eager to go through your process. I am an executive consultant and an English lecturer here in Nepal. I am a poet too. I am really interested to visit Israel either to work or to link up the human resource supplying matters.My has supplied 17000 workers to almost all the manpower supplying destinations
    I hope I will get prompt reply.
    Thank you and best regards

    Rabi Timilsina

  4. Kate

    Hi Jacob,

    I tried to paypal you $5 to perform a random act of kindness for your participation in the Generous December Group Writing Project, but your paypal account isn’t registered with the email address related to your comment on Is there another e-mail address where I can send it?


  5. Jacob Share

    Hi Kate,
    I also noticed that yesterday but I took care of it and the 5$ has gone through, you should be able to see in your Paypal account that the payment was received.

    It’s a beautiful idea that you had, and I’m planning on matching your 5$ to double the donation and give out an Israemploy subscription to a lucky JobMobber.

  6. Jacob Share

    Well, so much for that. Israemploy has asked me to hold off on this idea for now. I’ll find something else soon.

  7. Kate

    Jacob- That sounded like a wonderful compromise. I am sure that whatever comes to you will be perfect.

  8. Kate

    Wow! So many years ago I did that project! It’s nice to see it again.

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