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Think about your school days for a minute. In your childhood, you spent a lot of time in elementary school, middle school, high school, and then college. In college you spent thousands of dollars and hours of time, energy and resources to get that education just to be able to succeed in your career. That was a big investment in yourself.

But now you find yourself in the job search. And maybe you’re having trouble. Maybe you can’t get the job you want and the whole thing is difficult and it’s taking a long time and you’re frustrated. Your job search sucks. The question is: Why does your job search suck?

To answer that question, I want to ask you this one: When is the last time you invested in yourself like you did when you were in school?

For most people having trouble in the job search, that’s the real problem. They fill out online applications and send their resume out all over the place, but they haven’t made any kind of investment in their own success. That’s what’s missing, and that’s why their job search sucks.

I’m not talking about spending thousands of dollars on resume writers or career services.

In my experience, sometimes candidates do need to invest money in resources or people to help them, but not that much.

You can take classes or read books or ebooks that will teach you about the job search.

Even interview coaches who will role play answering interview questions with you don’t really cost that much.

There are even iPhone and iPad apps to help you answer job interview questions.

And many investments are free. They only cost time. There are YouTube videos, blog articles, and all kinds of free online help. You just need to make that effort to invest in yourself with that knowledge or information.

The point is: seek help.

Find someone or something that will help you with whatever part of your job search that’s holding you back.

Just like in the past when you invested in yourself, you received something for that. And if you do that now, you will receive something for that, too. What we see here at Career Confidential is that when people invest in themselves, they win. And I want that success for you, too. Invest in yourself.

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Peggy McKee is a career coach and the CEO of Career Confidential, a website that specializes in providing job seekers with powerful and customizable tools and techniques to get the jobs they want fast. An expert resource and dedicated advocate for job seekers, Peggy has more than 15 years of experience in sales, management, recruiting, and career coaching. She uses that experience and unique perspective to successfully guide thousands of job seekers through the process of selling themselves for the job.

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  1. Kate

    This was such a downer of a post. I’m feeling more worried and depressed about my job search than ever.

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