[POLL] Have You Felt Age Discrimination on the Job Search?

How common is it really? One of the most common job seeker complaints According to the AARP, in 2013 alone there were 21,396 claims of age discrimination filed in the US. Most people won't even bother to file, so you have to think the actual number of incidents is much, much higher. Those claims were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, based on the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which "protects workers 40 and older from personnel decisions based solely on age in hiring, firing, layoffs, promotions or demotions." According to the Guardian, however, it's not only older people who have reason to be frustrated. The UK Department for Work and Pensions published a report in 2012 that found that "experiences of age discrimination were more common for younger groups, with under 25s at least twice as likely to have experienced discrimination than other age groups." Surprised?


[POLL] Have You Ever Dumbed Down Your Resume?

This poll was inspired by a comment from a friend. Does it make finding a job easier? A friend of mine contacted me recently to ask for advice about this job search. Among other things, I told him to send over his CV so I could give him some feedback. Once he did, I noticed something strange. He used to be the CEO of a small company but on the CV, he had put his job title as Marketing Manager. When I asked him why not include the CEO mention, which sounds impressive, he responded that "when people see that, they won't take me to be 'just' a marketing manager" because a CEO position "is not what I am trying to get." This reminded me of another story.


[POLL] Does Your Resume Include These Sections?

This poll was inspired by my own first resume. I remember trying to write my first resume as a university student. I was clueless. But I knew it. This was in 1994, and although the Internet existed and I had already created my first website, there was no easy way to look for resume inspiration on the Web back then. So I asked around, and did find some books in the McGill University library. One section that seemed important to have, besides Experience and Education, was an Objective. What was my Objective? It seemed so obvious but I didn't really have an impressive answer at the time, especially if I was giving my resume to company rep.s at a job fair or career fair without a specific position in mind.


[POLL] Have You Told Your Social Networks About Your Job Search?

16% of job seekers found jobs via social media One of the interesting results of Jobvite's Social Job Seeker Survey 2011 was the above statistic. LinkedIn has over 100 million users Twitter likely has over 300 millions users Facebook has over 800 million users When you put these numbers together, you realize that either many, many people have still not begun using social media for their job search, or if they are, they're not yet getting results.


[POLL] Have You Ever Googled Your Name?

This poll was inspired by a recent talk I gave. Why this is important In 4 Things to Know and Do Before Employers Google Your Name, I mentioned a 2008 survey that reported how 20% of American employers researched candidates' backgrounds on social networks. In April 2011, career expert Joshua Waldman - who sponsored the just-ended 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest - quoted a more recent survey claiming that 81% of American employers google candidates. And in a recent talk I gave at the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum...


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