7 Kinds of Job Search Kindness To Make You Squirm

What is sometimes a small thing for you can be a big deal for someone else. The 3rd annual #Kindness Party will take place on Twitter this coming Sunday, April 3rd. More details below. There are actually lots of ways to be kind to people on their job search. Most don't require much effort, but they will all be very appreciated. 7 ways to be kind to job seekers Here are a few ideas to get you going: 1) Proofread a resume The more someone works on their resume, the less likely they are to notice spelling mistakes (especially homonyms) or missing words. Your fresh pair of eyes could help out there. 2) Translate a resume When I started my first Israeli job search in 2001, my friend Assaf S. - and especially his mom - did a great job translating my resume into Hebrew. Too bad its English source wasn't so terrific in the first place.


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