What is sometimes a small thing for you can be a big deal for someone else.


The 3rd annual #Kindness Party will take place on Twitter this coming Sunday, April 3rd. More details below.

There are actually lots of ways to be kind to people on their job search. Most don't require much effort, but they will all be very appreciated.

7 ways to be kind to job seekers

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

1) Proofread a resume

The more someone works on their resume, the less likely they are to notice spelling mistakes (especially homonyms) or missing words. Your fresh pair of eyes could help out there.

2) Translate a resume

When I started my first Israeli job search in 2001, my friend Assaf S. โ€“ and especially his mom โ€“ did a great job translating my resume into Hebrew. Too bad its English source wasn't so terrific in the first place.

3) Forward a resume

Someone you know has sent out a mass email to all their contacts announcing their job search. Why not forward their resume to any of your contacts who might be able to help?

4) Forward a job listing

To a friend, a job seeker you met at an event, or even a job seeking blogger you follow- if you see a job listing that's relevant, forward it to them.

5) Write a recommendation

Not sure about this one? See Why LinkedIn Recommendations Really Are Valuable. It could just as well be on the job seeker's blog (or your own), their Facebook profile (or your own), or any other public place where a potential employer could find it and the job seeker could refer to it.

6) Setup a job interview

In that same 2001 job search I mentioned above, another friend, Assaf B., got me a job interview through his aunt. Know anyone hiring that might be a good match for someone you know who is seeking? Make the match.

7) Get someone else to do any of the above for you

Just because someone else hasn't thought to help you out doesn't make them any less kind if you ask them and they do.

The 2011 #Kindness Party on Twitter

One neat way to share some kindness is to be on Twitter this Sunday 4-6pm EST (yikes! 11pm-1am Israel time).

This year's theme is: Kindness Stories.

The party will be hosted by:

To participate: just show up, share your own kindness stories or RT others, and don't forget the #kindness hashtag.

Phyllis and Melissa have also blogged about this year's #Kindness Party:

How have you showed kindness on your job search recently?

Has anyone showed you any kindness on your job search?

Share your stories now in the comments.

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  1. Susan P. Joyce

    Great list, Jacob!

    An addition to your list that I highly recommend โ€“ introducing people via email.

    These are people who can help each other or have something in common. Perhaps the introduction passes on a business lead, or establishes some other mutually-beneficial connection for the parties.

    For example, introducing a job seeker to someone who would be a good addition to their network: another job seeker with similar targets, a recruiter, an employer, a job search support group leader, a resume writer or career coach, etc.

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