MyBlogGuest: A Great Tool For Growing Your Blogging

Handy for bloggers and bloggers-to-be. Thank you to MyBlogGuest for being a Silver Sponsor in The 6th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest, the second year in a row that they've sponsored the contest. Please support them too! If you need help creating quality content for your blog (or a client's), or want exposure by guest posting on other blogs, MyBlogGuest is a must-use platform. To explain why in detail, site founder Ann Smarty furnished this introduction to her site: There comes a time when even the most successful blogger has to admit that they need a boost. Whether it is in reputation management or branding, content can only get you so far. To really make an impact, you need to have a platform from which to expand and grow, something best accomplished through networking. Why is that? Networking with other writers or blog owners, and sharing content between the two, is a quick shot in the arm for any blog. It drives new traffic, connects you to a new reader base and can even just give you a much needed break when you are burnt out blogging.

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Gerald Weber: MyBlogGuest is Guest Blogging on Steroids

In this podcast interview, Gerald Weber explains how to leverage for great guest blogging results. Who is Gerald Weber? When he's not contributing to guest blogging on Search Engine Journal, Gerald is president of Search Engine Marketing Group in Houston, Texas, USA and a moderator on Follow him on Twitter @the_gman, on skype at 'searchengineguy' or on MyBlogGuest as 'thegman3'. MyBlogGuest is the free platform which bloggers join to easier find each other and exchange guest posts. The most popular feature inside is the Articles Gallery where you can upload an article for blog owners to come to review it and make their offers.


How To Use Someone Else’s Blog To Find Your Next Job

Showing off your expertise in a guest post can lead to new career options, and you don't even need to be a blogger. Why do this? Darren Rowse's is one of the most popular blogs in the world with well over 150K subscribers. Darren blogs regularly but many of the posts on ProBlogger are guest posts written for Darren by people like you and me who are simply trying to get exposure to such a large audience. And it works; I can think of a number of bloggers that I began following after discovering them there. But guest posting isn't only for bloggers. Anyone can use it to get attention from potential employers and clients, or to simply add a publication achievement to their resume. Here's how you do it.


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