5 Most Interesting Notes From the 2010 Israeli Recruitment Conference

What you'd most like to know from the 2010 Kenes Gius (כנס גיוס), the 3rd edition of the biggest recruiting conference in Israel. The Kenes Gius is the annual conference about recruitment in Israel put on by HRD, the company of Israeli super-recruiter Morit Rozen, one of my Top 9 Israeli Job Search Experts on Twitter at @moritrozen. I had hoped to attend the conference in 2009, but there was a problem with the timing - and I think that I ended up being sick that day anyway - so I was particularly looking forward to this year's conference, which took place on October 11th. One of the reasons I wanted to attend the conference was to hear about recruiting trends in Israel and other juicy pieces of information that would interest you. Here's what I learned.


Are Industry Conferences Useful for Job Seekers?

TheMarker's Com.vention 2007 will be taking place March 18th and 19th at Airport City outside Tel Aviv. The first day has an international theme concentrating a very full program of local and foreign Internet celebrities such as Yair Goldfinger and Loïc Le Meur. The planned speeches and talks will cover the latest Web trends and looks to be interesting, especially if you weren't fortunate enough to have been at an event like Loïc's LeWeb3 in December 2006. In parallel, there will be workshops by people like Orli Yakuel and Eyal Shahar talking about Web2.0. The second day focuses on major Israeli business leaders and how their industries have adapted to the Internet Age. It appears that this will be the 'enough talk, how will it help me?' day / the practical, applicable lessons day, as opposed to the food-for-thought discussions from the first day. If your company is not in hitech and you'd like to know which Internet technologies can help your operations, this second day is the day that you should put on your calendar. Day 2's workshops cover topics like SEO, blogging and creating Internet buzz cheaply.


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