A Brand You World Summit Recordings Are Available

A Brand You World Summit Recordings Are Available

If you missed the A Brand You World Summit, you'll be happy to know that the recordings are now available for download as podcasts.

Brand You World

How Can You Get These Podcasts?

1) Via iTunes. If you have an iPod, you'll probably choose this route.

2) By downloading the individual mp3 files. Depending on your browser and the software installed on your computer, clicking on any of the purple ‘MP3' links will either start downloading the file or begin streaming it immediately like a YouTube video.

All the recordings are available on the official website. They're conveniently split into 2 categories for entrepreneurs and ‘careerists'.

Below are direct links to the podcasts that I think you'd most benefit from.


  • How Finding and Developing Your Personal Brand Helps Your Career with Anita Bruzzese
  • Branding Your Resume, Bio or CV: Trends and Tips, a panel facilitated by Susan Guarneri with Deb Dib, Megan Fitzgerald and Bernadette Martin
  • Use Personal Branding to Take Your Job Search from Zero to 60 with Jason Alba
  • Changing Careers to Pursue Your Authentic Personal Brand with Andrea Kay

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[…] Update: podcasts of the completed summit are available for download. […]

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