Halfway through the voting in the final round of the 2007 JIB Awards, we got a nasty surprise this morning. Overnight, JobMob lost over 30 votes in the Best New category, consequently dropping from 2nd place to the 4th slot.

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The JIB Awards organizers have been contacted about the drop and hopefully there will be an explanation. If there was some sort of vote rigging and this is the correction, then I'm glad that they've taken this action. Reaching your objectives by cheating isn't what JobMob is about. However, the statistics programs used to understand how you use JobMob (so that the site improves) do seem to roughly confirm the pre-drop numbers as legitimate, and I've shared this information with the JIBs organizers. Let's hope for the best.

Here are the voting links again:

Vote for JobMob as Best New Blog 2007

Vote ALSO for JobMob as Best Overall Blog 2007

Here's how we're doing in the Best New Blog category after the drop:

Best New Blog Results - Day 4

Here's how we're doing in the Best Overall Blog category:

Best Overall Blog Results - Day 4

If you already have voted, please get someone else to vote, hopefully even someone who will take interest and join the JobMob Community. Thanks for your support πŸ™‚


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  • Thanks for pointing that out, Harry. Baleboosteh’s criticism surprised me because she makes it sound like I’m running a paid service which of course I’m not. Besides the JobMob Community, I’m not promoting anything except myself ultimately, just like any other ‘real’ blogger. So there’s some misunderstanding there, but I still hear her pain. I also think that the JIBs should give more thought to criteria for categories so that blogs are judged on merit and not just in a popularity contest like they are now, but there’s only so much you can ask of a volunteer organization. Actually, my biggest complaint is that it’s called the Jewish & Israeli blogs yet there were only 2 Hebrew blogs in the first round. So there’s work for next year.

  • Actually, my biggest complaint is that itÒ€ℒs called the Jewish & Israeli blogs

    Why? Do Israeli bloggers have to write in Hebrew to be considered Israeli.

  • Jack, you’re right on semantics. Most Israelis like myself are at least bilingual so yes, you could have an Israeli blogs competition with no Hebrew blogs. But let’s face it – if you associate something with a country and there are almost no native participants, that association is undermined. Just like the (American) Oscars have a Foreign Film Category, the JIBs of 2007 would be better called the English Jewish Blog Awards especially since there already is a non-English category.

  • But letÒ€ℒs face it – if you associate something with a country and there are almost no native participants, that association is undermined.

    I still don’t understand. The Muqata and Treppenwitz just to name a few are written by Israelis. They may not be sabras, but they are Israeli.

  • I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s Israeli-ness by pointing out that they’re blogging in English. That’s not my point at all- I’m also a non-sabra, English-blogging Israeli since I made aliya from Canada. It simply bothers me to call the competition Israeli when there are so few sabras or Hebrew bloggers involved. Imagine if I organized a blogs competition in Los Angeles and everyone blogged in Spanish but I still called it the American Blog Awards.

  • If there were no Israelis involved I could buy your argument but as it stands I still don’t see the logic involved in your claim.