How Can You Be Part of the JobMob Community?

The JobMob Community is about You, Me and All Of Us helping each other to find jobs in Israel and around the world. The more of us there are, the more of us can help and be helped. That's the best part of being in a community – the more you give, the more you receive. So how can you contribute as a member of the JobMob Community? It's easy!

Subscribe to the site via RSS, in your favorite news reader or via email. Subscription is the easiest way to follow what's currently happening in the JobMob Community at your convenience.

Visit the site often. Beyond the RSS feed there is a lot of useful information on the site like comments and feedback from other JobMobbers, links to articles and resources in the JobMob account, and other RSS feeds in the JobMob Bloglines account. New features are always on the way…

Participate in discussions by responding to articles and posts with comments, questions and tips of your own. To give you an idea – a job lead that you find uninteresting could literally mean the difference between happiness and tragedy for another JobMobber and their family. If making a difference can be that simple, how could you resist?

Email this articleEmail articles to your family, friends, acquaintances, contacts…anyone that you'd like to help in their job search. On JobMob, just click the envelope icon at the bottom of the article to forward, fill out the short form and you're done! Of course, copying and pasting a JobMob url into an email is great too.

Talk to your friends, family, acquaintances and any other contacts that would find JobMob useful for themselves or someone else that they know. is an easy url to remember, give it a try.

Bookmark barSave articles on social bookmarking websites like, Digg and StumbleUpon by clicking the corresponding icon in the bookmark bar that follows every addition to the JobMob blog. Also, please feel free to suggest other bookmarking websites that you think would be a better match for JobMob.

Blog about JobMob. React to an article you saw, review the site and its features, get the word out so that more people can help and be helped. If I see the trackback/pingback or you contact me about your writeup, I'll Stumble your site. Unless you're a spammer, that is 😉

Link to JobMob – if you have a website or blog, put up a link or two to like others have already done and then tell me about it. As above, I'll Stumble your site in thanks.

Mention the site in forums, on Yahoo! or Google Groups, mailing lists or in comments on other sites and blogs.

LinkedIn Ultimate Tips Guide

Join the JobMob LinkedIn Group. Get a LinkedIn account to use as your online resume and then send in your group invitation request. Being a group member is the easiest way to send and receive job leads from other JobMobbers, especially when they're not already among your LinkedIn Connections.

MyBlogLog logoBecome part of the JobMob MyBlogLog Community. First become a MyBlogLog user if you aren't one already, then click the Join Community button here. Many of us prefer meeting people face to face. The great thing about MyBlogLog is that it helps do just that by putting a face on people surfing the Internet. And of course, it's a lot easier to remember a face, right? So join up and we can get to know who's helping and being helped.

Get started now! Subscribe to JobMob via RSS or email and enjoy the best job seeking tips the Web has to offer.


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