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soldier lost

This a guest post by Theunis Steyn.

For many years, still going on, I was willfully deployed as a “soldier of fortune”- no pay and thinly-spread thankfulness. My weapons were firstly writing my thoughts down, and secondly picking the time to release it in a vaguely-defined media space.

Days can pass in loneliness before sudden awareness wakes me up to spit a fireball of creativity unto paper or desktop. The world needs these ideas I often told myself.

Being unemployed officially for many years I became, because I couldn’t lay down, a silent observer from the side of society watching the rough and super-fine edges of what is going on in the national and international arenas of difficulty. This was and is my major interest- political creativity. I wrote my thoughts down and was ultimately recognized.

People will take notice and you may just become a diplomat and player behind the scenes.

A very strong tool in the media world today, the benefits of improving your writing skills are abundant:

  1. It improves your sensitivity in the circles you’re moving
  2. An instrument of creativity
  3. A controlled outlet of feelings
  4. Giving you power and develop your leadership skills
  5. You will be seen as someone special and lifted up to a higher status
  6. In the workplace you can make yourself a capable report-writer and become the envy of others.
  7. Other talents you didn’t know of will be discovered
  8. Once your writing-skills are developed, it becomes part of you and cannot be stolen or taken away.

Now the time has come for me to make some money and I am looking forward to a paycheck. I need stability and security if I want to go on in this world of competition. I can make money because I think like a manager and I can report like a manager. But still… I have to start at the bottom. The comfort in all is- I will be recognized and it will be very quickly.

About the Author
Theunis Steyn is a South African. He grew up as a no-choice member of the political old school. Fortunately at a mature age he managed to get into a movement for Christian leaders working for peaceful change and an integrated society. SA is a multilingual country with eleven ethnical languages. Despite many stumbling blocks he persevered and is now busy writing in the field of modern day domestic diplomacy.

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  2. hayim abramson

    Your essay was very clear.
    I am reading a book that addresses your issue:
    Richard Lanham Revising Prose (4th Edition).
    Longman, New York,2000. I found it useful in his
    As to myself, I am a teacher of Spanish and Jewish subjects.
    Good luck,

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